Sunday, November 29, 2015

Green blues

I slowly realized this is the era for second jobs and low pay! You can be part time and get laid off! So many of us want to live this comfortable lifestyle that we can’t afford but always wanted to live. We show off on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter but the reality is nothing like what everyone sees. You get home everyday and Pray: for health, groceries, car payments or even bus fare. It’s a problem. People say alll day, well just save, get rid if what’s not important or ask for help. Welp, I hate asking people for anything and having to now owe them on top of everything else, it’s hard to save when you’re living paycheck to paycheck and can’t even save money for things you need and everything I have for the most part is important. Not memorable, materialistic things but things I need so getting rid of anything is out the question.
You go to sleep stressed, smear your makeup or stain your pillow, wake up relieved only to walk around the next day with the financial woes that follow. Trying to keep it in the back of your head but there is always something that needs to be paid for at some point during the month. People will always have something to say: at some point in life everyone goes through a financial hardship of some sort, this too shall pass or everything will work out for the better. Words of encouragement are awesome but that’s honestly the last thing I want to hear when I’m dealing with something so stressful. Thanks though. It’s hard knowing you can’t pull your weight with even simple things because money is already counted for. Christmas is cheap, birthdays are selfish and any other date that was once important in between is no longer relevant.
It’s hard out here and you’re blessed if you’re making $400 a week. Many jobs cut hours like you don’t have to rely on that paycheck to live and they will make you beg for hours for a job you probably had for years. You have to literally bust your ass and show them you want the hours for them to even give you 30 hours a week. I have a $60 phone! No Iphone, Galaxy nothing or the new such and such and I’m fine with that. Been there, done that and they all do the same thing. My goals are bigger than that at the moment. This is the generation of getting off work at 11pm from an 8 hour shift to be at the next job in the AM by 6 or 7 trying to keep up with bills and other people.
We just had Thanksgiving and I’m thankful for everything in my life right now. But it’s just ironic to me how you see people post on social media how thankful they are but are up 4am the next day shopping on Black Friday looking for more…? These same retail stores have the same deals ALL year long but we make a big deal about it on that specific day? Stupid. People don’t pay attention. I guess working in retail, I would know. Now if it’s a NEED, then okay but it’s mainly WANTS to show off for company when they come over or to brag about having this, that and the third. Another stupid action by my fellow peers and Americans. I honestly have not been out on Black Friday in 8 years, I’m good.

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving and “Black Friday”!! Lol