Monday, June 20, 2016

No Sex Zone

Men use not getting any as an excuse to stray. We’ve all been there before, heard the excuses as to why, it meaning nothing, she meant nothing, and that you haven’t been giving it up. But if that’s the case, then why do it meant nothing? Don’t lie, just say you were horny and you weren’t satisfied. But I guess it’s because they can. Welp, how I see it and how many women see it, if you were doing what you were supposed to and made her feel like priority number one...maybe you would get it at least twice a week compared to not at all. Women worry and a lot of things can be mind consuming and if we are in that frame of mind (work, kids, maintaining a household, bills, etc.) then your not doing what you should to help take that load off... so you can take that load off. That’s a woman’s way of letting you know something is wrong. Helloooo! How many times do we have to say this! Women don’t go out and cheat because they want you to notice that there is an issue and attempt to resolve it with a couple. Of course after awhile, I know many that just give up and say “fuck it, I know somebody that can and will give what you won’t because I’m not asking for much”. They usually do and are better off.
Funny how men respond to that quicker than an actual conversation that won’t lead to an argument! You know how it goes: she’s expressing how she felt about the other night at dinner during a double date with the comments that were made, he doesn’t agree that it was anything bad because it was the truth, she calls him an asshole, and from there the voices go up an octave and now the neighbors know your business. In my opinion, if you’re consistent and meet her halfway, then she will give you the world. A woman will not do that just to keep you around, you have to meet her halfway, period. Our intuition kicks in and that’s it! The thoughts we have, reached finality, we begin visualizing ourselves living without you, take workshop classes to do things around the house ourselves, ask another man to help out if not, ask girlfriends and female cousins about a “friend” to keep her busy until whenever and in our minds, we are single and may be ready to mingle. The motto: fuck em.
It’s just hilarious though to watch them suffer or hear the stories about it. Walking around with a t-shirt and panties on, sleeping naked, hair, manicure and pedicure on point and he can’t even touch you! Lol. We know what we’re doing too and could care less about his erection or arousal. Oh and he better not dare give you a compliment! That starts a whole new conversation/argument. “You can say something about my hair and nails but nothing about the argument we had the other night? Considering you have yet to apologize, fuck you and your compliment. How about that and have a great night buddy”. That’s when we get petty and call the bff and run everything down to her, have the man of your dreams as a screensaver on your phone, text messages laying in the bed on your side so he thinks your texting another guy or wearing the super sexy high heel to work knowing damn well you usually wear flats or at least just 3 inches. Hey, a lesson must be learned for it not too happen again.
Men don’t realize that sex is not everything to us and have to learn to respect it. I understand there are women out here who could care less about a wife, let alone a fiance’ or girlfriend! She’s just looking out for her needs and if your man just so happens to fit that at that moment, she will use her body to make sure he stays. And men are super dumb to even think she really gives a damn about him. I hear sooo many conversations where women just want to be rescued. Whether it be financially, emotionally or physically, she is on a mission to make sure that happens. That’s why you see many women in their 40’s and 50’s divorcing their men of 20 and 30 something years with children for the girl on a mission, not woman. I say “girl” because any woman in her right mind know that karma is a motha and he will do the same to you (not to say that women who are independent with business’ or careers don’t do it, if anything they’re the main ones sometimes)They always say “he won’t, I’m nothing like his wife or girl from what he tells me”....yeah, what HE tells you dummy. He found a problem with her, he will find one with you. Sad but that’s the reality we live in today and always been that way. I just keep on praying about that one.
Anywho, I said all of that to say that yes, sex in any relationship is important but it’s not everything! A woman will shut down if she feels her partner is not all in and ready to commit. People get so caught up in the physical appearance of the opposite sex that they forget to look completely at their own partner, inside and out. Like they want to keep searching for something better instead of appreciating what they already have. ALL women have their own curves, appetite for life/living, goals, aspirations and last but not least, the man they want to share this with. Clearly if she’s with you, then it’s because she wants to be. So get to the bottom of what’s bothering your partner, what’s bothering you and see what yall can do to help the situation. They have all kinds of videos, classes, and therapist (lol) to get through any issue if you really want this person in your life but come across differences. A man, these days, will give up too often and too quickly on the woman he loves without much effort or a second thought. Even if he stays in the relationship and especially now that summer has arrived and the ladies are wearing less and less. To me it’s crazy how they can do that but party every weekend with the homies not thinking about the liver, smoke everyday not thinking about the lungs and run up in anything with the right complexion and booty size not thinking about std’s or anything that can be caught with just skin to skin contact... but suddenly won’t give 2 craps about the woman in their life whom they love so much. Interesting right?

To making life work for self and looking within.