Sunday, May 7, 2017

Quiet Girl

Ooh you typical Pisces. March 14th, 1987...closer to Aries and sometimes it shows. Then again, you are the beginning and ending of the zodiac so there is a little of every sign in you. Confusing right? I’d like to think so myself but guess who has to deal with Sometimes your outgoing, chill, entertaining, funny and other times moody, reserved and tense. Quiet by nature and could give two craps about most things some of the time or what people say about you...sometimes lol. Other times you care too much and people take advantage or have in the past. You’re a good friend but very few get to see this trait due to the wall that builds when people seem to be getting too close. You’re the person that could be around their family, other friends, and talk to people on the phone to no end but will still deal with them from a distance. Meaning some may never meet the family right away or when they see fit, I’ve been told it was weird but until one asks, will never know the full reason as to why. Call it what you want.
Maybe being hurt and treated as an “option” began to build the wall? Being quiet isn’t always easy and many tend to “forget” about those with few words. We are either dumb, sneaky, not exciting enough or always overshadowed by those with more outgoing personalities. It’s easy for you to become the go-to when there is an issue and they want just anyone to talk too about their problems. Often forgetting you have your own but you’re quiet so what could you possibly be going through?? You don’t speak, have no friends, and what man would deal with you? Give me a break with the dumb shit. But that just goes to show how small minded people can be. It’s funny when people realize you have a voice lol. It’s like watching a shocking video on YouTube! Either people are confused by it or their jaws drop when they realize how much I have to say and how often I cuss...yes, we do know curse words people. We aren’t always often as nice as you think, I have no reason to be sneaky (never have) because I’m a grown ass woman who does whatever the fuck she wants! Excuse the language but you’ll get used to it soon.

People have no patience for the quiet smh. I can’t count on how many fingers I had to almost chin check the shit out of somebody for believing quiet people can’t do anything…. I’m quiet, not dumb and may even be smarter than you think. Annoying! People then use that opportunity to treat us however they feel sometimes. You ever hear about the many quiet individuals just even in high school that snapped and popped the shit out somebody or that brought a gun to school with the intentions of using if Johnny said one more word….that’s us. I’m glad I have not ever been tested like this in school and pray that I won’t have to act out on negative feelings I may have towards someone. That is honestly the trait we have that I don’t like. We wait. Wait until the third time when keisha got smart, the second time I was disrespected by my manager or the fifth time your sister decided to talk to you crazy. Then we snap! Drops the mic and walk away as if nothing happened. Now that’s what I do like, we can bounce back and just walk away without a second look of concern. Oh well, don’t do it again. Can’t count on one hand how my mind went to choking life out of somebody that only had one. more. time. Ticking time bombs. We mind our business and stay to self at all times.
We can be the most respectful, honest, loyal people with awesome personalities and could probably keep you laughing and people wonder what the hell is so funny! Goofy at times and depends on the person we’re around and if you bring that out of us. We love our alone time, a good book and music so 9 times of 10, we’re in our homes or bedrooms zoned out to something that has us floating….(now you can take that either way, a little weed never hurt anybody lololol) or daydreaming about future endeavors. We are bothered when we want to be and have our usual go-to people when we want to be bothered. We are always in our heads about life and it may often show on our faces. And no it’s always a bad thought due to our miserable, mean look….well maybe mean….but we mean well lol. It just means at that moment to simply fuck off and let me be. Period. I will get back to you shortly, let me sort some things out. Now due to my “resting bitch face”, I guess you can call it that, I had a few females try me...not put hands on but to see how I was going to react. I didn’t react any differently than what I normally do on a regular basis except for one chick, I smiled at her. Simply because she was upset for no reason!! I don’t even say 2 words to you….so what’s the problem sweety? Lol.

Anyway, that sums up for now on the quiet woman known as myself. So please remember folks, we are not dumb, stupid, we comprehend pretty well. I do not need you doing anything for me as if I was born handicap, please keep all comments to self unless you want to see someone who is quiet and minding their business act like a tazmanian devil, we do have personality and display this to those who have our best interest at heart and we are completely awesome!! Take it or leave it! Until next time.

Dannie J.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Work Relationships...

We go to work everyday to make a living, extra income, new opportunities and learn a new skill. Along the way we meet new people, maybe experience seeing different cities, and learning how to work in a group setting on occasion. You then begin to realize, you see these people more than you see your own family or spouse! Sometimes it’s not always a good thing either lol. There’s always that one negative co-worker, the one who's too happy (not a bad thing but early in the a.m and being on 10 can be annoying), one who’s always having relationship troubles, the brown noser, the antisocial but always on the phone during the day texting or on a call during lunch breaks, and the parent who always discusses their children and their actions on a daily basis. Just to name a few. Then it goes to the outside of work activities.

It all starts in steps. Staying at work late with certain people all the time, to then getting drinks from the nearest pub, bar or lounge, then dinner dates, and then eventually to the homes we go. Cookouts, birthday parties for the kids, husbands watching the games together and maybe even double dating here and there. That to me is all good! By no means is there an issue with that. However, the issue I have and will not EVER do is meeting my spouse at work! I don’t know how the hell people do it! I want to be in my partner's world but to an extent. I want to know your working hard and doing your thing but I do not want to see it on a regular basis. I would get sick of the seeing this person to the point where I would feel going to our separate homes is space for us. Or if I’m mad at this person, have to see his ass allll day for 6-8 hours while I try to act as if he doesn’t exist lol. Petty moment number 1 and there’s plenty more where that came from!

The one thing that would really irritate me and I have heard of happening before is the flirting and dating other women in the office, professional setting, wherever you work. Um, no. You could get so caught up with someone that you might forget that even though there may be sex involved, they aren’t just yours! So you would have no choice but to hear stories of him dating other women from other people you work with, not him of course, and see it for yourself. At this point the choice is yours to figure out what you want to do but it’s definitely a hard decision to make when you’re feeling someone. That’s speaking from a typical woman's view. In my personal opinion, he can kick rocks and kiss every inch of my ass, as he has probably done already lol! But seriously, it’s a respect issue for me and if I’m not throwing other men in your face whether hearing it from me or not, then you shouldn’t. Sharing is not something grown people should do.

A girlfriend of mine went through the same thing. Now with her already being emotional, she let it go too far and got her feelings hurt. Now, I’m not being heartless but I feel you have to know who you are as a person before dealing with certain people. Period. If you know off hand from the beginning this person is full of shit and you fall easily, LEAVE THEM ALONE. It’s simple but people make life so complicated. Anyway, after he got what he wanted, he began acting differently and swerving her to no end. I felt bad at first but once she kept going on about it even after it was over, I got a little irritated. In my eyes it was done but she kept holding on and getting upset every chance she got from the thought of what he did. He didn’t care about her the way she did him and we seen it...she did not. Again, know who you are and what you want!

Back to work. I also feel when trying to get to know this person, you will hear most of it from co-workers running their mouths, most likely devaluing this person. So by the time you have a one on one, what wouldn’t you know? I guess what he looks like naked at this point lol. You would then have to worry about people being in ya’ll business if deciding to make it official. That’s annoying. Every little step he takes or whatever he does, they would be glad to tell you especially if it’s something concerning another woman. Petty moment number 2, aka will get somebody cussed out moment. So at this point, how do you really enjoy this kind of relationship? Yes, outside of work but what about at work? Of course keeping things professional and low-key is the key but people will know and I don’t know how much I would be able to take from the nosey co-workers with nothing to do. You know, the ones who have their own relationships, marriages, kids or anything else to worry about but they worry about you co-workers. So, yeah it’s safe to relationships are the worst my opinion of course lol.
Until next time!
Dannie J.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Scared of Marriage

Me: Failure. Communication. Loss of interest. Compromise. There’s an ending (like a job). Consistency. Bored. Growing apart. Financial. Literal distance. Emotional distance. Time. Power struggles.

The way marriage was in the 60’s was beautiful. Not necessarily the roles they played (stay at home wife and working husband) but how love was sometimes all they had and they made it work. Divorce was not an option. You see and hear now how our aunts, uncles, grand-parents or parents have been married for years upon years and stuck it out through everything. She didn’t have to be barbie and dress a certain way to get and keep his attention and weddings were simple.

“I knew he was cheating, just didn’t know with who. His schedule became unexpected and he stayed out longer than usual after a while. With years behind us already in marriage, It was hard facing the truth. We were experiencing a rough time but felt talking, therapy, spending more time or remembering why we got married in the first place would help. I cared at first asking myself a million questions with the first being why? I got over it though. I then began to have my own affair. I would go to work, go to “his” home, wash and go home, sometimes beating your uncle there, to cook and help the kids with homework. Like nothing happened, just how he was able too. It became the normal daily thing to do. As long as home was taken care of on his part, I didn’t care what he did. I wasn’t going to stress over a man, husband and all.” - Auntie (this is not them in the pic, just an example)

As time goes on and I’m getting up there in age, I realized I’m probably the only woman scared of marriage! I would embrace it and not think about the negative but sometimes I feel like most men and how they feel! Of course you’re thinking if everything is good beforehand and there’s an understanding of what you both want/need, there shouldn’t be an issue right? This is true but that’s not always the case and I think I’m scared of things going wrong. Do I walk around like but I’m a logical person and if nobody else can be real with me, I know I can. So I don’t sell myself the dream of marriage, I sell myself on the reality of marriage. They say it’s better to love than to not have loved at all...but that does not always mean you’re meant to marry that person... There will be arguments, disagreements, petty moments, and a dislike of something from the other at some point...but that’s a relationship. I’m more so concerned about the things that happen outside of those small things like losing trust, disrespect, money issues, or no longer keeping your partner on their know keeping things “new” and consistently being able to keep them happy….for the rest of your life. You would think people would have this down pact in the relationship but seems it gets harder with some. To keep interest for the rest of both persons lives, through sickness and health and until death do you part. That’s a lot of pressure!

I honestly feel that it’s like having a full time job because it takes WORK...outside of your full-time job, having a social life outside of them, making time for friends, family, then your own interests above all while trying not to be selfish. Somebody or something is going to come up short and depending on who you married, it may be you. People don’t treat it as such and afraid he may treat it as a part-time position. People view it as: I love this person, I see my life with this person and that’s it. Yes, as human beings, we make life more difficult than it really has to be but people are like onions and have many layers that you may not have seen. They don’t think about this person at their worst and really SEE if it’s worth it in the long run. I’m scared of not fully being accepted and this person just settling because of time. I’m scared of time spent being a distant memory, not being put first as his wife, work being more important than actually LIVING and having the guy who puts our relationship second or last to family or friends. You could worry about this before marriage but marriage is important and want my partner to know this as well. Not just to marry because it’s the “next step” or it’s been long enough so why not.  I also feel many women carry resentment into their marriage. Their partners took their time asking for this commitment from her and she felt it could have been sooner. Over-time people can change like the weather and it affects you as well if your with this person. There could be a job offer that’s great for him but you're not willing to leave your job, family, money and stability for HIS career. You both agreed 100% before marriage on everything listed above and that you want kids but you're willing to wait a few years after marriage and traveling a bit while he wants a child six months to a year afterwards. Things and people change!

You have many men after a while or before even asking that feel they would be missing something or freedom is “gone” for some reason…what? Smh. Your married, not going to prison lol. You’re spending the rest of your life with someone you love and care about, not going into an arranged marriage. Lastly, if that’s how you feel, just don’t ask her or anybody to marry you then… duh! As stated, just goes to show people make things more difficult than they really have to be. If your partner is going in with that attitude, you will go into the next situation with your guard up. No one wants to be that person. Love is supposed to make you open to new things, it’s supposed to feel good when new and even after. Not to be the person who’s closed off and guarded because of being that open in the past and failing. Many men have this thing where they feel this way (listed above) and will wait 7 plus years to ask/make that commitment. It’s like they’re bracing themselves for marriage with this person knowing they don’t want to lose them but not fully ready for the REST of their lives to deal with this person’s flaws. Women are more open to it. A glass of wine/mojito and girl talk cures everything sometimes lol. Just go in light hearted and happy!

All of those things and more could put a strain on the marriage and fill either you or your partner with regret, resentment, anger (angry black woman lol), sadness, confusion and feeling hopeless. Thus looking forward to moving on and living without them eventually. I honestly don’t think that’s something I ever want to deal with. You can’t help the change in someone over-time. It’s life, it happens and you can’t help certain things that happen in life but I feel things can be not getting married lol!

Happy union’s to all!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

To The Entrepreneur

Being your own boss and becoming a business owner is a dream for most people in the world! To manage the way you see fit especially if coming from a background of managers who didn’t know what they were doing, put their energy into their favorite employees, or creating the word asshole to be a new personality trait by definition alongside hard-working, determined, or motivated. You have the opportunity to treat people how they deserve to be treated, pay is fair and reasonable (you know they can actually live life), and you love the smiles people have with good personable customer service. Growing into something and maybe even global is the goal. You’re a hard worker and want the people who work for you to embody that same trait. What most don’t realize is it’s a trickle down effect. If your employees see you behave and treat people a certain way, they will do the same. There’s certain characteristics and a level of “humble” one should have. I’ve seen a lot of the opposite. You ever happen to be out shopping or just getting some air and go past small boutiques. You look inside and the employee at the register or desk is on the phone texting or talking and there is no one shopping… Bad for business!!! Now don’t get me wrong, I live for someone doing their own thing and trying to build their brand but it won’t happen while doing the things listed above. Period. You will not get my money either, sorry. When I walk into a store, no matter where it’s located, I feel I, the paying customer, should be greeted. And not just greeted because you feel you have too but because you are welcoming my business/money and a possible return and referral. Here in Philly, I know those who are from here are familiar with the Chestnut St. and South St. stores.

Yes, the demographics change but professionalism and being a good boss should not. As the boss of the boutique or franchise, you lead by example! So I don’t blame the employees when things look sloppy, I blame the Boss/CEO, Manager or Assistant Managers of the world for that behavior. Even if it’s a “problem employee” who won’t follow the rules and do what they want, I still blame you (boss). They should have been replaced after the first conversation. The thing that bothers me is becoming friends with your employees! Like who the hell made this a “law”??? I’ve been in too many boutiques from here, Baltimore, and New York to always hear the CEO and Store Manager are besties...why? There’s no way I’m hiring my best friend or family member to help me run my business or nor will I become friends with that person. Doing COMPANY things together is one thing but having dinner and drinks regularly outside of work is a no no for me. I’ve seen far too many who take advantage of being the bestie and have one of three problems: 1.) She really has no clue to what she is doing but because the boss trusts her or that’s her friend, she has that mentality of “I can run the business how I choose when she’s not here.” 2.) She then becomes friends with the employees and let them do whatever they want. Take off work for odd reasons, not acknowledging the clients when arriving to shop, or taking her side over a customer's side when there is conflict. 3.) Has favoritism and will pick and choose who she wants to work with when she works instead of which personality fits a specific time period for clients throughout the day. Alll bad for business traits that I see too often.

Now my personal experience is the same but a little different. It lasted for about a month before I realized that I was good. It was working for a Real Estate Company and since that’s what I’m trying to get into, I felt it was an awesome opportunity and good start. Why not right? I was going to be the Office Assistant/Administrative, it was a black owned business/company and not too far from my house...perfect and finally because Plymouth meeting and King of Prussia was a hike. Everything was cool except for the pay which was a bit odd for the position. I knew how much I was going to get paid but she stated there were bonuses involved so it would be like I was making more money. I wasn’t too concerned due to being more focused on the experience. First bad thing was not having a key to the building yet and getting a text stating the Office Coordinator aka the owner's mother, was going to be 20 minutes late….after me already standing out there for 10 minutes longer than I should have in the cold. When she pulled up, her excuse nonchalantly was she wanted to try and get her phone fixed because it was acting up…. I wanted to punch her in the forehead like excuse you!?? Smh. Then she (mother) was 50 years old speaking like a 20 year old around the way chick with the lip smacking, constantly touching her hair and looking at her nails as if they were going to change colors or something!  I was confused. I don’t know anybody who wants their mother speaking or acting like that! Bye lady. Anyway the agents were lazy and not bringing in any money meaning those so called bonuses were never going to happen due to that! No one said anything until after I took the position. There was no signage, sticker in the window, email or phone anywhere on the a predominately white neighborhood with the people in the area walking in asking what we were. Basically trying to figure out what the hell 5 black people were doing in an unmarked building.

The owner: supposedly had another location in Atlanta but never spoke about it, would go to the office to pray in the morning before opening, rarely interacted with us unless there was a task in mind, would change softwares every week after getting used to the previous and her children would come in after school randomly throughout the week during business hours because they were locked out the house which was 10 minutes away. Oh and I guess because I quit, she has yet to pay me. The building was nowhere near finished inside so we were working in the middle of that whenever he came to fix or do anything. It was just an annoying experience and I vowed to not work for another “start-up” again. I honestly felt she was one of those companies that use people to get where they want to be financially. Like you help her build and make money but just put “Real Estate Company” as the title. She has yet paid another guy that worked there as well and he was fired due to not doing his job “correctly”. When in that case, he was there a whole 3 months before I was...if he wasn’t doing anything correctly, it was due to whomever taught him (the job being his first real estate job) and he should have been fired. To drag it out that long made no sense. This will all bite her in the ass though. The guy she fired was doing things that only a licensed individual should have been doing and he was not with license. She could lose her business and then owe myself and him the money she owes and then some. That has me wondering how can you be so religious but treat people in this way?? I know it happens but come on. Bad for business but you live and you learn and she will find out soon.

On that note, anybody that’s a boss should always get the knowledge needed before opening a business! Just having an idea and the money is not nearly the half! It’s something so simple yet business’ close everyday due to not making enough money because of the many reasons listed above. Especially if it’s advertised properly, a business people will need or benefit from and you’re the only one listed in a particular area...bring on the money!
To privately owned business’ doing better this year!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

That Old Thang

We all have had that one person that made you crazy in a sense. Phone call for hours when not near them, you hear the phone ring or vibrate and you secretly wish it was them, all of your free time and conversation was this person. It made your girlfriends sick to their stomachs but you could care less! Lol. You were in love or lust or like or whatever and loved the feeling. It was like eating chocolate, sipping your favorite wine, or watching your favorite love/romantic movie that you knew all the words too. You have watched it a thousand times and would a thousand more because you liked it that much. It was like being in middle school or high school again. When you skipped homework to talk on the phone about nothing. Like going to school and seeing him in the hallway switching classes or first thing in the morning and it puts a smile on your face even when not a morning person lol. Ya’ll would fight, argue or disagree, not talk for a few days but then pick back up where you left off like nothing happened. When not speaking to this person, it’s frustrating because you long for his call. Then something goes wrong, you get older, more mature, your messed up about it, eventually move on...but then look back years later and think “what the f**k was I thinking?! That was him.

It was long distance for a period of time. We did the back and forth thing...wouldn’t say relationship but it worked for me. I wasn’t looking and he was doing “his thing” which was fine. He would come home to visit from time to time and it was either we seen each other or we didn’t. Before he moved out of state, we were together but I called it off. Women's intuition was telling me something wasn’t right and I went with it. I expressed this concern and it didn’t go well. He said if there was anymore I was looking for or if I wasn’t happy, go. So I went. Low and behold a few months after on the phone, he told me if he was going to be with anyone at that time, it was between myself and someone else... soooo where the hell she come from?? As a typical woman, my mind began to race! I was semi jealous, confused, hurt and had the overall feeling of not being enough. Yes, I called it off but something just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t the girl to “stress” over a dude but I was borderline there. I can’t recall asking any questions until a couple of years ago.

It was the typical catch up convo: how you been, how’s life, how’s the family, etc. So of course, that was the prime opportunity to ask the questions I’ve never asked. People are usually a bit more open and honest. He told me they were engaged, they have a daughter and moved out of state near DC somewhere together. When things didn’t work out, he moved back here, let her keep the house, bought another place of his own,  bought her a car and made sure she was good because she had his daughter. When we broke up, I can’t recall getting a phone call about anything in life lol! But he was in love and it showed through our conversation and I was happy was for him to have experienced that. I told him to make it work next time around and that getting back with her sounded like an awesome idea. He neglected the idea but I felt it needed to be said. I felt like he was trying to make his way back in the way he has done in the past. That was our thing for almost 4 years and it became the norm. We always knew either one would be there waiting until somebody was single...but it wasn’t that way this time. I could hear the disappointment in his voice but what did he expect? These guys want their cake and want to eat it too!
I used to think what it be like with him long-term... I would question if I was in love or not or if I just loved him at that time. It was clear I was not good enough for the name he had almost given someone else but I always felt God had someone else in mind for me and not to worry. It was hard to hear that but I’ve done my share of playing and he was a toy at some point. I treated him like a yoyo and put him in the box when I got tired of playing with him. He did the same though but I did it better. Women normally do. He admitted that at that time he regretted us ever getting to that point of no return but life goes on. I used to hear a song, watch a movie or go to a certain neighborhood and think of this person. Even the up and down and back and forth didn’t matter when it comes to the heart. I looked back and I began thinking that I’ve wasted my time! He wasn’t all that cute and he wasn’t what I would date anyway (neck roll)  lol. It wasn’t really about “looks” but I needed an excuse to rely on at that time due to my immaturity when dating. Of course it was a learning experience but you get sick of dating the guy in the “immature” phases of his life. That’s where he was when I was around anyway. I’m glad he moved on from have I. Cheers to growth and maturity!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Cheater Cheater

It felt good. To be wanted, held, and looked at as if you were the most beautiful women in the world. To be wined and dined, treated like a queen and then the grand finale. At first you felt super uncomfortable and knew that karma was nothing to play with. He knew as well but went along with his inhibitions without a care for your feelings or the life you guys were building. He caressed your body and it brought you back to the present moment which was love but not the typical. He made you feel safe and like he could keep your heart out of harms way. You knew this was all in your mind because you were emotional and emotions in a women could be a bad or great thing depending on what was going on in her life at the moment.

You began to think why you were there in the first place. Was it strictly emotional or were you just sick of the blocked calls to your phone, him hiding the phone when walking into a room, the too much needed “alone time”, his boys being more important or just the lack of respect for the relationship as a whole? Either way, dude was making you feel like the biggest whore but you were on top of the world (literally lol) and he had a way of making those bad thoughts and feelings disappear. Why didn’t you just leave? Well your decision is to leave but wanted to get this out the way first, you know, as a way of making him feel like shit. You finding out about the “other woman” hurt to no end but felt like things could still work… Silly girl, once a cheater, always a cheater. He’s told you how he cheated in the past but reassured that it was the past and he was done. He wanted to “man up” and be in a mature relationship. So how was it this girl/women made him decide otherwise?

You weren’t one for competition but at that moment and on that day, you definitely had one up on him. This man was gorgeous inside and out. It wasn’t about how he was built, his complexion, the way he looked at you or how he treated you. It was more about how he made you feel, how he lived his life, how he embodied all around the kind of man he wanted to be and embraced the man he was in the present. Basically realizing he had flaws but working to be a better man. He came with minimal bullshit and secured his life so that himself or family didn’t want for anything. He was willing to give that to you as well...but you needed to drop the current situation. You weighed the pros and cons. Pros: no bullshit, respect, treated like a queen, have fun with him, be with a family man, career driven and all around awesome person. Cons: stay in the current situation, dealing with whatever issues the new guy brings, deal with trust issues with the current, share the current with other women, getting to know someone new all over again, being put last from the current and being unhappy. This was an easy decision hands down but he ultimately has your heart. This is a dangerous thing for a women with whom is not logical and thinks SOLELY with her heart. But that wasn’t being done at the time because you were enjoying the body of another man.

Waking up the next morning your decision is made: your going to stay and act as if nothing happened. You feel stupid for letting the “good guy” slip away but don’t actually let him slip away. You keep him around until he wants something different, then on to the next. You figured he will also have his bullshit with him that he just hasn’t shown yet and you weren’t willing to take that step...yet. So you decide to “stay” with your comfort zone. You know him and everything that comes with him and regardless of what you go through or deal with, you know for a fact that stepping out now won’t be an issue. Since you know his patterns, you work around those to do what you want to do and come home like nothing happened. He does it, so why shouldn’t you? He can stay out all night so why can’t you? He can have his alone time, funny ways, sleep with her, her and her, come home as if nothing can as well. Especially if you’re going to stay with him. You guys aren’t married and have no children so you figure, I’m going to rock out until the wheels fall off. You were sick of the double standard with men and felt that if a grown man can play and do dumb shit, as a grown woman with needs not being met, I can as well.

It’s stupid but when the person you want doesn’t want you wholeheartedly and not willing to do the work, it does something to most women and they began to have doubts about love and play, start to like it and play some more. They may love this person a lot but just like men say when cheating, it means nothing, it’s just sex, right?;)

Sunday, October 30, 2016

A few "boundaries" in life

Boundaries have no limit of being crossed with certain individuals. They feel a certain kind of “initiative” and feel it’s okay to say and do as they please. Whether it’s family, coworker or friend, there are always boundaries that should never be crossed at all times. These are the ones I personally feel should be respected.

  1. Your title, is your title...stay within that title...meaning stay in your lane. If your Mother or Father, don’t act like boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Most single parents have the tendency to treat their children as a relationship and not the appropriate one. As a girlfriend, fiance or wife, I don’t want another woman stepping on my toes when it comes to my relationship or household. Any major decisions should be made between the two in the relationship. Fathers aren’t too bad with their daughters but it will be known that they will get out of line if need be. Mothers on the other hand need some serious WORK in that department! You can’t play Mother, accountant, doctor, counselor or God all the time with a man in a relationship...especially when you have yours at home. If you raised him right, don’t worry.  Let his woman play some of that role. Trust, she’s not taking your place. #yourlane #mylane #theresadifference

  1. Fellas, women sometimes have those moments where we don’t want to be so "sophisticated".We want to hang out with our girls, put a freakum dress on, throw on a tall heel, get drunk and let loose! Something to post to social networks, show off and look back on as we age like “girl we had so much fun that night”. Lol. This does not mean this is ME as an individual all the time or at all. I could be a banker during the week wearing business suits and rarely go anywhere on the weekends but from time to time, I gets loose! That does not mean that I’m a “loose” woman. This also does not mean to smack my butt, grab my hand and call me a bitch because I ignore you. A bad bitch, smut, cheeks, or whatever the hell else they’re saying to get a woman’s attention. Grown men, stop the dumb shit and have respect. #womenaresingleforareason
  2. Women, even though she’s a friend of yours, you do not have the right to say that your girlfriends man or husband is fine, handsome, cute or whatever. Some have a nerve to go into details too like “he has pretty green eyes, nice lips, a pretty smile, nice physique, and complexion.” That’s me looking at you like why are you paying that much attention?? I expect that from a coworker who sees a picture and we aren’t friends to react in that manner but to constantly hear it from a friend knowing she will be around him at some point, is NOT cool. Keep your comments to self. Don’t even tell a mutual friend. Or matter of fact don’t look. #DLhoes

  1. Keeping up with friends and making sure everything is okay is a great thing! But um when it’s about 11:30 to midnight, them conversations should be cut off. Single, fine...relationship, problem. Having a bff, there will always be problems they have even at midnight but if myself and my man are chilling and a friend of his calls...and he picks up then houston we have a problem. If you don’t have a flat tire, a way to get home, family issues (hospital) then how about we try again. To me it’s rude if done all the time intentionally because most people will just keep on talking. Being friends for so long, they're like family, by all means that's great! A couple will not always show what they really do around others and that could be "our time" to chill, catch up and cuddle and here you go with another issue. Most people know this person will pick up to see what’s wrong but if they say chillin with ___ then save the convo for the next day when we aren’t chillin. #singlefriendsbelike

  1. A group of girlfriends is sometimes the best and worst thing to have. As stated before, they are not always the most upfront and began to get cliqued up. The boundaries with this one is the lack of communication with one another. One of the girls will always have the “go- to” within the group that she feels closest too instead of going to the problem itself. This is not a bad thing but if everybody is cool/friends and that’s how it’s always been, keep it that way. Talk it out as a whole and resolve whatever issues you ladies may have. Even if you’re not the woman with the issue, stating the issue you have with their actions or words is a start. If all else fails… #byebitch

  1. When any woman is living with her man whether they are married or “shacking-up” as older people say, when I leave for the day or a few hours, every woman except mom or grandma must go also. Sorry, love ya sweetie but we are not THAT cool. Since high school I always heard about a girl’s best friend sleeping with her man or a man’s best friend sleeping with his woman. My big question is, seeing how people change like the weather, why do we trust someone that much? Is it time? I don’t know but there’s no way you are chilling in my home while my man is there and I’m out running errands! Don’t pop up either. Shoot a text, email, call, snap, marco polo, something to let me know your planning on dropping by. Some women get too comfortable with their “ friends” and men get too comfortable around her friends. You have a girls night and he walking around in his boxers or with his shirt off…get punched. #tripping

  1. The pop up parent. Most have been there when living without a parent in the household. Sorry but it’s mainly fathers. They call on birthdays and even forget those or come by the house with excuses for days on why they haven’t been around. But for some reason feel the need to coach you about life? Really? Or this parent that only comes to birthday cookouts and graduations but brags about all the work you do and wants everybody to know they’re your mother or father. Hilarious right!? It’s even funnier when you reproduce and they’re around your children more than they were ever around you! Guess it’s making up for lost time and feeling bad about it... I look at it like this: their guessing it’s not their child, so of course a child is easier to be around when you can simply give them back to their mother or father and not feel guilty about it. #daddywho? #mommaplease

  1. So we’ve all been to cookouts or barbecues, same difference, and there’s always that one person that brings that friend with that “bad attitude”. You know, the girl that’s dressed up, heels, tight jeans, make-up, etc and her attitude is shitty because she’s not getting the attention she wants?? Yeah, her. Steady trying to be cute that she’s missing out and actually not enjoying herself nor the moment. She sits there by herself taking selfies, no conversation, or on a phone call the whole time talking about nothing and you wonder why she came or stayed in the first place. Then has a nerve to want to charge her phone when it dies… girl. She quickly forgets she's at someones home and forgot to check her attitude at the door. #rosesreallysmelllike...

  1. We all have those friends who do not, with any doubt in mind, curse around their children, drink or smoke. For some reason, this other friend they have decides she wants to do all of the above and could care less. She feels they will hear it one day so her doing shouldn’t make a difference because it’s coming from her… it does boo. This person could have been your ace growing up so of course you're not going to stop being friends with her/him but they tend to not say much either. I’ve been in a situation like this before, spoke on it in front of the friend and she felt some kind of way...was I wrong? I know it wasn’t MY place but clearly common sense is not so common. My thing is if you don’t see me act or say certain things around my children, neither should you. Period. Just out of respect for me as your friend first and foremost and then for my personal parenting towards my children. #ignorance

  1. So at some point in life, if you don’t have family that you're close with, you go to friends. Of course if things get rough financially, you have to sell your home (God forbid) to down grade or can’t keep up with the rent, lose your job, you go to them as well. Stuff happens and we all need somebody to lean on in tough times. You are now the friend staying on the couch or guest bedroom until you can get on your feet. Nothing wrong with that, you have a roof over your head! Everybody has a certain way they live, keep their home, cleaning schedules, etc. For some reason, since this is your friend, you decide you want to live like it’s your own and not follow this person’s rules. You want to smoke inside because it’s cold, company until 3am, decide not to clean up after yourself, bring men/women all hours of the night of whom they don’t know and have a habit of leaving the tv and lights on all night for a bill you don’t pay. Then get angry because you get a 2 week notice of yo ass getting out!? You tried it homeless! It does not take much to RESPECT someone’s home and how they want to live, whether you like it or not. #respectornexthouseyougo

  1. Having a nosey parent, aunt or grandmother... is the worst thing in the world! As they began to approach those “old ages”, they become catty and they sit on the porch or phone all day discussing the neighbors business or who sleeping with who at church. The boundary with this, they then began to run your business down as well! Lady, you tried it. Don’t come over for Sunday dinner thinking sweet old auntie or your grandmother is a great listener or gives the best advice...that heffa telling all your business. Deacon John, Suzanne the neighbor, Lisa from her sewing class, Jessica at the shoe store or the cab driver taking her from her doctor’s appointment! Everything from your kids, your neighbors, your husband and his cheating ways and the reason you stayed at her house for a week. They even get in your pockets too! How much you make, where you work, and what your house look like. You know, the things YOU yourself won’t tell anybody...I don’t know what it is or why but they have to be stopped lol. These old women are good at giving you the tea and you sipping it, not realizing she could be telling your business to everybody she come in contact with just for conversation. #Idontwanttobeoldlikethat

  1. One should NEVER kick somebody while they are down! Crazy because this usually comes from a family member or friend, someone close. I hate to see someone struggling and going through the motions of whatever they’re going through. I Am a strong believer in karma and what goes around, comes around so why do people do stuff like this? I feel it’s insecurity in themselves. They get on this high horse because they’re making the money they want and maybe have the job/career they want but see you aren’t doing the same or having a hard time and they judge you. I feel it’s a void within, something they are missing and they take it out on the person already vulnerable. Quickly forgetting, that where they are can be taken away with the snap of a finger and can be struggling just like you soon after. #humbleyourself

Yes, it’s a lot but I just feel these are things people should NOT do and it happens all the time. I’m definitely at that point, and have been for awhile, where I actually think before acting or reacting. The main thing I keep in mind is good old karma. I never want to treat someone a certain way and when I’m comfortable, it comes back.