Monday, July 4, 2016

Oh Naturale

We have seen women with natural hair for years now... so I’m confused about the reactions of some. I remember when I decided on no longer perming my hair. It was about 4 years ago and figured since I wore my hair like a natural, how about actually trying it. I would do curly rodded hair, pumps, braid- outs, and bantu knots. So when I became natural, I realized the styles looked much better and my hair was healthier! I never thought in a million years that I would walk outside with a fro lol. When nothing is done with my hair, I usually walk the dog like this or when I’m about to have wash day. Which is an all day, off work process but it’s worth it.

I’m still working on finding hair products that work for me...yes, after 3 years and some change and this is what it has come to...still. I love Coconut Oil from Traders Joes or health food market(makes the hair manageable and smells awesome), Grape Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Cantu Curling Cream (for twist or braid- outs), Eden Deep Conditioner and Eden Coconut Cream for hair and scalp( which I love!), and either Cantu or As I am co-wash. Both good products so it depends on where I Am and the price honestly. I try to deep condition my hair every week when not braided with or without washing or co-washing my hair.
My biggest concern sometimes is going to an interview with my natural hair! Knowing that people in the professional field are weird about it. I can do an up-do, a flat twist out or straight blow out and do french braids but I still feel the eyes. You know the places that have predominately caucasian employees and my guess is their thinking “how the hell is she going to fit in here if offered a position?”. Maybe that’s just my insecurity but I honestly don’t think I am my hair and shouldn’t have to change who I am for anybody, including white america. I have seen time and time again black natural women straightening their hair or wearing weave to “fit in” at the office. That they were tired of getting the looks and questions about their hair and decided to eliminate this. Me personally, I feel communication is key. I have no problem politely telling my fellow employee to mind their business. I don’t question you about hair “extensions”, different shades of blonde, washing your hair every single morning or not and it smelling like the chihuahua you have at home, or the constant shedding that occurs all day with every flip you do. So please, don’t cross that line.     
Anywho, I feel judged by that after already being African American and female. In many cities like DC, most areas in the south and here in Philly, it’s pretty obvious that natural is in but most other black women aren’t with it unless “bestie” or her favorite sibling decided she wants to go natural. Then here comes the hashtags, pics and natural posts they never even thought of posting before or that I’ve never seen at least. That just goes back to black women not supporting one another because you’re going to support friends and family regardless. It’s the blacks outside of family and friends that you turn a blind eye too and don’t support. For example, Even in the workplace when becky or samantha has questions for fatima who wears straight weave or lace fronts about how sharon wears her hair as a natural, 9 times out of 10, fatima’s response will not be a mature one. It’s already bad enough we go through “texture discrimination” for some having “nappier” hair and darker complexions than others.
So, how do you just ignore the comments and looks? Let it be a breeze and float on. Period. My natural hair is most likely healthier, I have my edges, and I save hella money by being able to use product I already have in my kitchen cabinet. I love the consistency and the versatility of my hair. A blow out, flexi rod, bantu knots and flat twist is well worth the tussle with your hair on any given day. It’s so pretty especially when colored and ends are clipped when necessary. So, to the naturals who love their hair from wash day to locs to braids to dreads to a fro to a mohawk (my fav), continue to do you boo! Love the 4b, 4c, 3a, 3b hair type you have and don’t let anyone else tell you different!