Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The MAN in him vs. The WOMAN in us

“He would get up in the morning, make my coffee, (he knew I loved coffee) clean, wash clothes and walk the dogs all before starting his day. The only thing he would want me to do is make breakfast. He was a man and I was always good with him no matter what we went through"
Ladies, think back...has this person ever existed in your life? Has any man ever made you feel secure enough to even utter those words to friends and family? Bragging, no but it would certainly feel good knowing what you were going home to. I have wrote before that women can’t raise a man but I guess that was only for a chosen few. The man above was raised by a woman of a different caliber. The woman you don’t see anymore. She taught him well, led by example of what he should look for in a woman before letting him go on his own. He didn’t have his real father there but his step-father did a pretty good job at showing him how to provide for your family and household. Not to beat on your chest because you pay a bill, holler and shout because things don’t go your way, you know how the men born in the 80’s do… It’s rare while on the phone with girlfriends that they utter the good, fun and exciting things about their man. Yes, at one point I was one. Us women sometimes have the tendency to get “comfortable” and “expect” our men to do all of the above. So when you think about it, have you actually brought this “man” out of him?
Playing the maid while he relaxes
A lot of women also baby their men and don’t allow him to show this side! So when she gets sick of being super-woman, she complains and nags about what he's not doing. She cooks, cleans, wash clothing, the car, remaining loyal and faithful and just an all around good person...but he does the opposite and she kisses his feet with a high five and a job well done? You have now made it OKAY for you not to be treated with the respect you deserve as a woman. Until she gets tired and all hell breaks loose! But It's like we don't allow them to show what they can bring to the table and instead “telling” them right off the bat what we want, how and when. I think with us women, it's innately in us to communicate and not know when to shut up. Always wanting to take control and not allow the man to be a man. Hey I've done that before so I will take the L on behalf of all women guilty of this.
When my sister told me this it had me thinking that MAYBE a lot of men were not so bad and women make it way more complicated than it really has to be... We are indeed complicated creatures.