Wednesday, December 14, 2016

That Old Thang

We all have had that one person that made you crazy in a sense. Phone call for hours when not near them, you hear the phone ring or vibrate and you secretly wish it was them, all of your free time and conversation was this person. It made your girlfriends sick to their stomachs but you could care less! Lol. You were in love or lust or like or whatever and loved the feeling. It was like eating chocolate, sipping your favorite wine, or watching your favorite love/romantic movie that you knew all the words too. You have watched it a thousand times and would a thousand more because you liked it that much. It was like being in middle school or high school again. When you skipped homework to talk on the phone about nothing. Like going to school and seeing him in the hallway switching classes or first thing in the morning and it puts a smile on your face even when not a morning person lol. Ya’ll would fight, argue or disagree, not talk for a few days but then pick back up where you left off like nothing happened. When not speaking to this person, it’s frustrating because you long for his call. Then something goes wrong, you get older, more mature, your messed up about it, eventually move on...but then look back years later and think “what the f**k was I thinking?! That was him.

It was long distance for a period of time. We did the back and forth thing...wouldn’t say relationship but it worked for me. I wasn’t looking and he was doing “his thing” which was fine. He would come home to visit from time to time and it was either we seen each other or we didn’t. Before he moved out of state, we were together but I called it off. Women's intuition was telling me something wasn’t right and I went with it. I expressed this concern and it didn’t go well. He said if there was anymore I was looking for or if I wasn’t happy, go. So I went. Low and behold a few months after on the phone, he told me if he was going to be with anyone at that time, it was between myself and someone else... soooo where the hell she come from?? As a typical woman, my mind began to race! I was semi jealous, confused, hurt and had the overall feeling of not being enough. Yes, I called it off but something just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t the girl to “stress” over a dude but I was borderline there. I can’t recall asking any questions until a couple of years ago.

It was the typical catch up convo: how you been, how’s life, how’s the family, etc. So of course, that was the prime opportunity to ask the questions I’ve never asked. People are usually a bit more open and honest. He told me they were engaged, they have a daughter and moved out of state near DC somewhere together. When things didn’t work out, he moved back here, let her keep the house, bought another place of his own,  bought her a car and made sure she was good because she had his daughter. When we broke up, I can’t recall getting a phone call about anything in life lol! But he was in love and it showed through our conversation and I was happy was for him to have experienced that. I told him to make it work next time around and that getting back with her sounded like an awesome idea. He neglected the idea but I felt it needed to be said. I felt like he was trying to make his way back in the way he has done in the past. That was our thing for almost 4 years and it became the norm. We always knew either one would be there waiting until somebody was single...but it wasn’t that way this time. I could hear the disappointment in his voice but what did he expect? These guys want their cake and want to eat it too!
I used to think what it be like with him long-term... I would question if I was in love or not or if I just loved him at that time. It was clear I was not good enough for the name he had almost given someone else but I always felt God had someone else in mind for me and not to worry. It was hard to hear that but I’ve done my share of playing and he was a toy at some point. I treated him like a yoyo and put him in the box when I got tired of playing with him. He did the same though but I did it better. Women normally do. He admitted that at that time he regretted us ever getting to that point of no return but life goes on. I used to hear a song, watch a movie or go to a certain neighborhood and think of this person. Even the up and down and back and forth didn’t matter when it comes to the heart. I looked back and I began thinking that I’ve wasted my time! He wasn’t all that cute and he wasn’t what I would date anyway (neck roll)  lol. It wasn’t really about “looks” but I needed an excuse to rely on at that time due to my immaturity when dating. Of course it was a learning experience but you get sick of dating the guy in the “immature” phases of his life. That’s where he was when I was around anyway. I’m glad he moved on from have I. Cheers to growth and maturity!