Sunday, May 7, 2017

Quiet Girl

Ooh you typical Pisces. March 14th, 1987...closer to Aries and sometimes it shows. Then again, you are the beginning and ending of the zodiac so there is a little of every sign in you. Confusing right? I’d like to think so myself but guess who has to deal with Sometimes your outgoing, chill, entertaining, funny and other times moody, reserved and tense. Quiet by nature and could give two craps about most things some of the time or what people say about you...sometimes lol. Other times you care too much and people take advantage or have in the past. You’re a good friend but very few get to see this trait due to the wall that builds when people seem to be getting too close. You’re the person that could be around their family, other friends, and talk to people on the phone to no end but will still deal with them from a distance. Meaning some may never meet the family right away or when they see fit, I’ve been told it was weird but until one asks, will never know the full reason as to why. Call it what you want.
Maybe being hurt and treated as an “option” began to build the wall? Being quiet isn’t always easy and many tend to “forget” about those with few words. We are either dumb, sneaky, not exciting enough or always overshadowed by those with more outgoing personalities. It’s easy for you to become the go-to when there is an issue and they want just anyone to talk too about their problems. Often forgetting you have your own but you’re quiet so what could you possibly be going through?? You don’t speak, have no friends, and what man would deal with you? Give me a break with the dumb shit. But that just goes to show how small minded people can be. It’s funny when people realize you have a voice lol. It’s like watching a shocking video on YouTube! Either people are confused by it or their jaws drop when they realize how much I have to say and how often I cuss...yes, we do know curse words people. We aren’t always often as nice as you think, I have no reason to be sneaky (never have) because I’m a grown ass woman who does whatever the fuck she wants! Excuse the language but you’ll get used to it soon.

People have no patience for the quiet smh. I can’t count on how many fingers I had to almost chin check the shit out of somebody for believing quiet people can’t do anything…. I’m quiet, not dumb and may even be smarter than you think. Annoying! People then use that opportunity to treat us however they feel sometimes. You ever hear about the many quiet individuals just even in high school that snapped and popped the shit out somebody or that brought a gun to school with the intentions of using if Johnny said one more word….that’s us. I’m glad I have not ever been tested like this in school and pray that I won’t have to act out on negative feelings I may have towards someone. That is honestly the trait we have that I don’t like. We wait. Wait until the third time when keisha got smart, the second time I was disrespected by my manager or the fifth time your sister decided to talk to you crazy. Then we snap! Drops the mic and walk away as if nothing happened. Now that’s what I do like, we can bounce back and just walk away without a second look of concern. Oh well, don’t do it again. Can’t count on one hand how my mind went to choking life out of somebody that only had one. more. time. Ticking time bombs. We mind our business and stay to self at all times.
We can be the most respectful, honest, loyal people with awesome personalities and could probably keep you laughing and people wonder what the hell is so funny! Goofy at times and depends on the person we’re around and if you bring that out of us. We love our alone time, a good book and music so 9 times of 10, we’re in our homes or bedrooms zoned out to something that has us floating….(now you can take that either way, a little weed never hurt anybody lololol) or daydreaming about future endeavors. We are bothered when we want to be and have our usual go-to people when we want to be bothered. We are always in our heads about life and it may often show on our faces. And no it’s always a bad thought due to our miserable, mean look….well maybe mean….but we mean well lol. It just means at that moment to simply fuck off and let me be. Period. I will get back to you shortly, let me sort some things out. Now due to my “resting bitch face”, I guess you can call it that, I had a few females try me...not put hands on but to see how I was going to react. I didn’t react any differently than what I normally do on a regular basis except for one chick, I smiled at her. Simply because she was upset for no reason!! I don’t even say 2 words to you….so what’s the problem sweety? Lol.

Anyway, that sums up for now on the quiet woman known as myself. So please remember folks, we are not dumb, stupid, we comprehend pretty well. I do not need you doing anything for me as if I was born handicap, please keep all comments to self unless you want to see someone who is quiet and minding their business act like a tazmanian devil, we do have personality and display this to those who have our best interest at heart and we are completely awesome!! Take it or leave it! Until next time.

Dannie J.