Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Hate. Such a strong word and people use it in the wrong context. Men and women constantly use it to describe how someone feels about them. For example: to be jealous because of how they dress, the kind of car they have, them having their own spot, or because of the man or woman they have in their lives. You know the things you are supposed to have as an adult. Ridiculous. Honestly, if I’m going to feel that strongly about someone, it’s going to be something real. I will hate the person who murders a family member of mine and taking them from myself, their family and my own, the boyfriend who manipulates and abuses a friend of mine and lowers her self esteem, or the father that was never there but wants to be when I shine and do well for myself. Those are legit reasons for me to HATE someone.

There are people who feel material things are a reason to hate, lets think about what some go through on a regular basis. Homelessness is something we see on a daily basis. We have no idea why they are at that point in life but I hate seeing people sleeping on the streets and living underground by the sub or el. We can point the finger all day long but for those that are going through it, have a reason to hate the way they have to live. Shelters are available and I honestly feel they become too full and they have no choice but to make a home somewhere else. The woman who suffers physical abuse from her husband or lover has a reason to hate. Her children have a reason to hate her for not leaving and staying to be hurt. They see the pain shes dealing with and too young to help her. That girl who suffers sexual abuse has a reason to hate her abuser and anybody that never stopped him when she spoke up. People with single parents have a reason to hate their mothers or fathers for not being there. They watched day by day the struggle for food, gas to get to work, money for the bus or train, getting things for the home or trying to make time for themselves to be an adult outside of their children.

Instead of focusing on the petty reasons why we hate anything, lets always stop and think about what someone else is going through and the reasons why they have hate in their hearts. We have the opportunity to improve our lives and make them better but instead many look to others lives as confirmation that their not where they want to be. Why? It may not be in Gods plan for you to have what they or even close to it. I know things may get rough but thats life. You’re here to do whats in your heart, not follow and constantly evaluate the life of another. So lets stop HATING and focus on what you are here to do. Whether it’s to be a Cardiologists, Nurse, Paralegal, Communications major, helping people in other countries or being a stay at home mother….focus on your life and what you are here to do. Period. If we do this, we will be happy with self and the way things are going for self and have no time worrying about others and the lives they lead.