Saturday, March 28, 2015

Recap of a book

The days I have off work, I love reading a good book. Especially like today when its rainy and a nice little breeze coming through the window. Chilling. I usually go for the love books with explicit sexual content (not on purpose) and of course mainly the action and drama that comes along with it. It’s entertaining to say the least. I love the fact that all of my electronic devices are google play and books to pick up where I left off on one device. Their free selection of books aren’t that bad either. Previous books I’ve read and enjoyed were Fifty Shades of Grey, The Coldest Winter Ever, Midnight, a few by Zane and Steven King. But out of all the drama and craziness, there is nothing like the book I’m reading now. I borrowed this from a cousin who is the queen of reading these types of books. It’s called The Ex Factor by Tu-Shonda Whitaker. It’s about 3 sisters from Brooklyn named Celeste, Imani, and Monica who have the same mother different fathers and live different lifestyles in a sense.
Celeste is the oldest who has 3 children (1 of her own and twins by her husband), married to a cop to whom is younger than she, and they live in Jersey. Over the years she has gained weight, no longer works and her husband, Shareif, is no longer attracted to her and she knows it. Long nights, he’s never home and knows he’s cheating...just not with who. Imani is the sister on welfare, lives in the projects in Brooklyn, has a son by someone she was with for 10 years but he can’t seem to stay out of prison or keep a job. She found out while he was away for 2 years, he had gotten someone else pregnant with their second child while she visited him in prison the days Imani didn’t go and also married her while he was in prison. Imani never knew this. Last but not least is Monica, the sister that pissed me off. Monica works at a hospital, single has no man, her own place, no kids and seemed to have a good head on her shoulders. Monica is having an affair with her sisters husband, Shareif, is now 4 months pregnant and keeping the baby! Really? Not saying this does not happen but I’m not checking out nobody elses man...he’s yours and let alone my sister’s man. Triflin. What made it worse was Celeste would confide in her sister about their marriage, she knowing that he’s cheating, and how she felt.
So this may not be a big deal to some but to me it is having 2 other sisters myself and not having a thought in mind of something like this happening. Of course the husband is telling Monica he wants to be with her and love her but doesn’t want anymore children...welp buddy should have thought about that before having unprotected sex with her. And it’s crazy because Monica doesn’t have a guilty bone in her body. She feels Celeste was always mean to her growing up and it’s her fault that she gotten fat and no longer keeps the interest of her husband. What type of s**t is that!?
How is a woman that desperate to have a man she is willing to take someone elses and rain on the other womans happiness? How are you that miserable to sit and dwell on the love and affection you see a man give his woman that you would want him specifically to do the same for you? The sad thing is the lengths that his woman would go through to keep his sorry ass. I’m not fighting nobody, you don’t deserve a cuss out, he doesn’t deserve tears and I will not be distraught. Honestly if it was that easy, no matter how long she was chasing him, you weren’t mine to begin with. Nobody should ever be able to come between you and your partner. Period. I hate when people say it was a mistake, they think with their “friend”, men can’t control their sexual desires or sex drives, and the infamous “men will be men” bull. And for the life of me don’t understand it. Anybody in their right mind will think about what they are losing and how they won’t EVER get that back, even if she takes you back. It won’t be the same. If this is not an immediate thought, you didn’t really care like you thought you have all that time.