Friday, April 3, 2015

3 Sides...

I always believed there were 3 sides to the way a woman thinks: heart, mind, and intuition.
Heart: She will follow and be loyal and would not think the people she cares about the most would hurt her. It will be hard making a decision about a relationship or family member because of what it symbolizes to others and what they mean to her. She knows this is what makes people stay in bad situations and regret wasted time. It will still be hard letting go.
Mind: This is when she begans to talk about her problems to everyone close to her. For reassurance or closure before actually making her decision. She constantly goes over and back and fourth about things even when its the truth. Big and small details. Speaking in second and third person to describe everyones action and reaction making sure she gets a truthful response from peers. Leaving out no details but still feeling as if it was all her fault. It will be hard letting go.
Intuition: She knows exactly whats going on. Will ask questions she knows the answers to, goes on social media, figure out passwords, and may even become "cool" with people she doesn't even like just to get answers. It's like feeding a crazy appetite. She pictures what it would be like without this person and how to deal day by day. Thinking of their actions and how they made her feel is the worst. She knows she deserves better. Letting go is a piece of cake;)