Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Something to remember

I was on google plus awhile back. I like to read the quotes and keep up on what’s going on in other places. The one thing I love the most is reading the “words of wisdom” that I probably have not heard before. Yes I have aunts, uncles and older cousins but sometimes certain aspects of life or different ways of seeing things are not broken down by the people you see on a daily. I found this, loved it and actually learning to live by these things. I feel it’s mistakes that people make everyday without notice or see it and don’t want to change.
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*You’re in charge of your own happiness. Let me repeat that again: you’re in charge of your own happiness. Do not put happiness in someone else, do not put your happiness in something else, and do not feel the need to search for happiness out there when it’s right here inside of you.
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*You will make friends and you will lose friends, and then there will be some friends that will latch onto you and wither your soul. Toxic relationships are bad, for you and for the other person. Leave. Drop the friendship and go. Do not feel guilty that you cannot please them, do not feel like you are too weak to handle them, and please do not look back and regret what you did- if anything, regret that you did not end things sooner. 

*Do not ever feel the need to tell someone things about yourself if you don’t want to, even if they start to guilt you. Do not ever feel hurt knowing there are people out there that know your deepest secrets but are no longer in your life, simply be more cautious the next time.
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*Do not look back and say “I wish I had told you how I really felt”. Do it. Tell everyone your true and unabashed feelings, tell them how much you appreciate their existence or even tell them how they’ve hurt you. Learn to communicate your feelings, even if they are not returned to you with the same force.

*If you can see the type of person you want to be, do not delay in becoming that. If you want to be the girl that wears skirts even though you’ve worn pants your whole life or the girl that speaks up against what is wrong even though your whole life you’ve been quiet and let things pass by, do not be afraid to break out of the shell you have created for yourself.

*Be optimistic. It might be hard when you’re surrounded by pessimistic people all day and when life seems to unraveling before your eyes, but have a little hope. Know that things do get better. know that you will be fine. Don’t listen to that voice that makes you start to doubt yourself, you will make it to better days.

*You’re going to have some really high expectations in life, and people are constantly going to fall short of it and let you down. But just because someone isn’t perfect in the way you want them to be, doesn’t mean they aren’t great in their own manner.
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*There isn’t a movie ending to real life events. Sometimes you won’t get closure, sometimes things won’t get resolved, and sometimes you won’t get to control how things play out or even how you’re left feeling in the end. But you’ve got to learn to just let things go and keep moving forward. You’ve got a whole new adventure waiting out there for you, and things are going to work out, one way or the other.

There you have it, hopefully this changes someone’s perspective on their life. To better thinking and living!