Thursday, September 10, 2015


Growing up, the first person most people encounter is their mother. They hold you, wipe your tears, knows about your first crush, and tells you everything is going to be okay. They are the first to be honest and can pick up on a bad boyfriend or girlfriend. The good mothers, can’t live without them. But then you have Grandmother. The best thing outside of a mother you can have in your life and anybody’s whose Grandmother is still living, is blessed. They spoil you and are beyond generous if you have children! The one thing I love the most is their wisdom. I love sitting and talking with a woman that has been on this earth longer than I have and can tell me my rights and wrongs especially when I feel or think everything is good.
They check you. Whether they're into church, drinking coffee on the porch in the morning retired, watching what goes on around the neighborhood or in the house crocheting, they will stop what they are doing to tell it like it is. They always have something to say that will make you think and help you grow. I have learned a lot over the years listening in on “grown people” conversations (yes being nosey, lol). About the dramas of relationships, friendships, family, how to tell when someone is not real with you, spotting jealousy in a female “friend”, when you’re being used and how to leave a bad situation. The first thing I learned about that was spotting the issue and then separating yourself emotionally.
Anyway, I love how I’m put in my place about “having it bad” and them telling me stories about how they grew up and what they had to endure. Definitely different from today and I love hearing about it. Different tips on what to put in my hair that I already have at home, the men from back in the day and they haven’t changed much(lol) or the pictures I see with the Vintage clothing we buy and wear now from boutiques. Nothing was short, boobs were not out, bikinis were high wasted to cover the stomach, heels were high but classy and hair was swooped, feathered, finger waved, or with a loose curl but always pretty. They are the voice of reason for the women who have sorry fathers, baby fathers, mothers and children. I know sooo many women who are grandmothers raising their child's children and still keep a smile on their faces knowing the child is out of harm's way and a bad situation. That goes to show when our parents are out of the picture or are down and out in some way, grandmothers step in and nurture any situation back to where it needs to be.
I feel that the way people are now, is because of grand-mom, mom mom or momma. When a man is raised with some sense and does the right thing by his woman and family, his grand -mother was around, when a woman treats herself with respect and men respect her, mom mom was there and taught her how to carry herself and when our parents stay together through thick and thin, teach good values and are there for their children, momma was in somebody’s ear and had something to do with it. So besides just respecting our parents and paying homage to them when we do well in life, there was someone there before our parents and with our parents teaching them how to live life. It was just passed down to us.
Food is never at a minimum and the first thing you go for is the stove or fridge to see what she cooked. Every birthday party, holiday, and any day in general is spent at her house when you want good conversation and laughs. Takes your mind off whatever is bothering you to learn something. The one thing I will always take with me is her saying: “That man (God) sits high and looks low. Watch how you treat people and know that God knows everything in your heart FIRST before acting out in the physical. Every dog has its day! People do things and tell others they felt bad or apologize for something but aren’t genuine about it. Their mouths say one thing but their heart said something else when it happened, that’s what he pays close attention to.” Now if that doesn’t make you act right, I don’t know what will!! With her not being my biological grandmother, she’s the closest thing to it at this point. I’ve been around her for about 3 years and she has gone out of her way on several different occasions to make sure I was okay. That’s why I do the same for her. Not too many do that especially when they aren’t blood. I love her as if she was my own and always will!

She was talking about something as usual! lol