Friday, August 28, 2015

Date Night

It starts with a text or phone call. Dinner, movies, comedy show, bong fire on the beach with your favorite alcoholic beverage as good music plays in the background. The weather permits it. It could be an all day thing with boo, babe, or whatever cute name to spend QT. Either way, it’s always has a good ending at the end of the night. Especially if its done right. He has to be genuine, loving, willing and anxious. And in that order. Without thinking twice, he has you on his mind when he wants to do something special for his lady. Genuine. Two hours before going out, you began to get ready. Picking the outfit, right makeup, lipstick, lotion if legs will be out, perfume, and of course shoes. Something sexy but comfortable. At dinner, he's attentive. Flirting with you and he already has you. Complimenting you on the smell of choice, how your eye shadow matches perfectly with your skin tone, your smile, the way your back is arched in the heels you carefully picked and of the course the dress that gets attention. Loving. Good conversation, laughs, reminiscing, future plans and work are the topics. You sip your wine and him his cocktail. Gazing into his eyes, you have one question: Why me? How handsome he looks in his suit and you’re thinking about the aftermath of reaching home to the setup you prepared. More wine, massage oil, candles, white rose petals leading from the front door to the bedroom, bathroom, on the bed and the waterfall waiting between your legs that's ready to fall. She's been marinating for him. Your one and only who can do what he does to create the flow. Only thing on your mind is tearing his ass up when yall get home! His lips in all the right and wrong places, his strong hands giving you a tingle when he caresses the top of your booty and gently pulls your hair. He's thinking the same. Of course, he's a man. The sexy walk you have in heels and the sway your body creates. No panty lines so either you have g-string or none at all. The less, the better. The way your skin feels when it touches his and knowing what to do with your hands and when. You know how to please him and make him feel good. You get pleasure out of it. Willing. Closing out the night, it seems forever getting back to the car. You say your hellos and goodbyes to people you may know briefly. You then began going over the music you may dance too in the heels a couple of inches taller than what you have on. Should they be black, nude, red or straight stripper? Decisions, decisions. You already laid out the lace cut-out everywhere snap on the shoulders one piece from Fredericks of Hollywood on the bed. Very sexy might I add and he will love it. High French cut on Miss Miss, g-string that exaggerates the curve of the booty and see through to get him harder than a brick. Two candles in the bedroom that gives the right amount of lighting and the relaxing mango smell that lingers in the air that takes your mind off where you actually are at the moment. Chair in the middle of the floor for ample room to dance around and grind when necessary. The last thing you will do to conclude the night know. The new bubble bath you just purchased from The Body Shop smells of melon and cucumber. Your plan after the massage you have planned in another bedroom for even more relaxation and a better turn on. While giving him his massage, the water will run to get things ready for you guys to soak and sip. This is where he will remain for a few until you change and set the music for your dance. You’re comfortable in your skin and he brings that out of you. Him knowing you have something up your sleeve on the way home makes him horney. He remembers the last time at the random but beautiful hotel, after a day at the beach with friends, with the martini glass jacuzzi and city night-life view from the 15th floor. Those were the only lights used that night. Anxious. Being the gentlemen he is, he opens your door while holding your hand and escorts you in the home you two share. Pretty sure you know the ending;)