Thursday, August 13, 2015


You wake up in the morning to get ready for work. A little yawn, stretch and patter on the face to get yourself going. It’s dawn and the sun is peeking through clouds colored in light orange, blues and grey. The city skyline right below. You feel good, thankful. Funny because you’ve never been a morning person! Your home is beautiful and shows the success story you have created for yourself, family and bank account. Floor to ceiling windows, long flowy drapes that accent the color and decor, nicely finished wood flooring, marble this, stone that and about 3,200 square feet of what you worked to the bone for. You remember having your “stagnant” period in life. Where you felt at a stand still, nothing was going your way, and often wondered what God was up to for you and your life. There is his and hers in the garage and every little gadget your heart desires because you’ve earned it. Every now and then you think back to working for people you didn’t like or that didn’t like you, jobs that didn’t pay well and living pay-check to pay-check just to get by. Barely having money for gas, the bus, transit running when it wanted and people being funny with their vehicles. Hey, they had a right to I guess. You think on being around the corner from the papi store, chinese or hoagie spot and could get a water ice from the truck when he came around. Hearing Mr. Softee a block away and boys riding dirt bikes to have something to do or show off.
Snapping out of it to let your dogs outside to use the bathroom before you shower and you remember your first apartment. It had a back yard but was shared between your building and the next one over. Barely any privacy when wanting to get some air but it was what it was and you dealt with it. You didn’t have a dog at the time but wanted one. When you finally got one, he still didn’t have a backyard but he was taken on long walks and to parks to get air and play. Now you have all the space in the world for them to run around all day if they wanted. The roommate you shared a space with was the “you don’t know somebody until you live with them” kind of thing. Triflin. She had a problem with amnesia and instead of paying rent on time, she would rather go on shopping trips with a dude that would lay up in our apartment all day while we work? All a memory now.
The times when you worked 2 jobs are in the past. Getting home between 11 & 11:30 pm and have to get right back up at 6am to do the second job and repeat. Not to mention doing so while I was a student! Tiring. Now, you have one job and trips and vacations are the norm throughout the year. You feel you don’t work because it’s something you LOVE and it comes natural and easy to you. Getting up in the morning is so peaceful and you’re actually more relaxed than you’ve ever been. Unless you stayed up toooo late but who hasn’t done that.
You have a great support system behind you starting with the snoring body still in bed. Hey at least somebody is getting some sleep. He’s been there for you even when you were down and still figuring things out. Even times when you couldn’t buy dinner for the two of you to eat that night. Times were rough, frustrating and hard but he never gave up on you knowing you were trying and doing your best to make ends meet. He got frustrated pulling the weight but understood how you felt dealing with it all as he’s had financial struggles of his own and barely getting by. He’s the absolute best man to have!! You began getting teary eyed thinking about it. He could have left and been with someone who was well off and wasn’t struggling or left you high and dry without a care in the world about your well being. He stayed and if you struggled, yall struggled together and made things happen. That’s love and loyalty. So of course on your wedding day, you cried like a baby and was just grateful for this person God has blessed you with and will continue too. He’s now successful in his own right and no matter what makes you a priority. Vice versa. Even his momma has to wait her turn for time on occasion lol but she respects and understands the bond you two have. Boundaries are never crossed.
You then realize what time it is! After you’ve let the dogs in, gave them food and water, had your coffee or tea, showered and kissed your man until later on, on the sleepy lips...time to start the day!

To prosperity, love and dreams coming true.