Sunday, August 16, 2015

*California Dreaming*

Just existing and doing for others and not self at some point is the life of many. They have sick parents, grandparents, children, or too afraid to try something different. Outside the norm even. You figure where your family is, is where your supposed to be because it’s home. Well home can be anywhere your heart desires honestly. So with that said, I’m California dreaming!

Yes, it seems typical but I’m not going to be an actress, singer, or whatever, just something different and having family out there is also not a bad thing. My aunt has been out there since the 80’s so I’m quite sure anything I need to know, she has all the info. I ran into a girlfriend of mine awhile back and she felt the same way. It’s crazy because we’re both broken up, want something different and where the the weather isn’t bad and both applying for management roles at our jobs where we can transfer...why not? We have no major responsibilities and can go wherever we want, whenever. At least this is a start. A friend of mine asked “why all the way over there?” or “what is out there that you can’t get here?” I don’t know but I’m willing to find out at this point, Philadelphia is a drag and I need new scenery...asap. I will miss my family and friends but hopeful about my future there and people I will meet along the way. Starting over and it’s going to feel good! The best part about it is I love the beach! And if you know anything about California, beaches are never at a minimum. So where we shall live…
So my cousin says LA because that’s where she is so it’s an option so I can be closer to them. We have many options though such as Long Beach, Redondo Beach, LA, Torrance, San Diego, San Francisco and Culver city...hmmm decisions, decisions. Cali is super expensive! So it would be something within our budget but God has not put us this far to just leave us high and dry so I’m quite sure we will find something nice and affordable (Lord willing lol). We have been meeting up and looking, comparing notes, thinking about the drive...yes, driving smh (40 hours!), shipping our belongings, buying furniture once we get there, hopefully a near by dog park for the pup and access to a train for work due to the crazy traffic they have there. Whew! It’s a lot but we are getting there. I found a website that has cheap moving for belongings but have to look further into it to make sure it’s legit. If not, UPS it is and I’m willing to put out the money for whats mine.
The weather is amazing year round! I hate the winter so why deal with it? I dread it every time it comes close to October. Thinking about the snow, ice, and freezing rain. In the cities listed above, the annual temperatures are between 46* and 88*...not bad. Of course they’ve had their colder weather in the past reaching 30* and hotter weather reaching 100* but that’s normal for Philadelphia in the winter during the day or colder. No biggie. I Am more nervous about brush fires, earthquakes, tornadoes (maybe) and mudslides I’ve heard about. From people I’ve talked to here, I’ve heard “well what about the crime and all the bad things that happen there?” Well what about the crime that happens everywhere in every city and country around the world? It’s going to happen regardless of where you live! You get over it and continue to live life, period. I feel that’s one of the excuses of many. Worried about all the wrong things and not what’s going to be good about the situation. Time for me to live and not just exist. Do what I want and live where I want without thinking things will go awry. Just prayer (asking for guidance, strength), support from family and friends and confidence will get me through. Anyway I’m staying positive and keeping God first throughout all of this. When we leave and on the road, I will post pictures of our journey there and even after;) Hopefully you will enjoy them and feel free to comment! Until then, to more writing!!