Friday, October 23, 2015

Same difference!

Bi-sexual, Tri-sexual, Transgender, Homosexual, Lesbian, Queer, Judy, Asexual or Dike. What do they all have in common….HUMAN BEINGS. Period.

I remember in high school sitting at the lunch table and always starting a conversation about something! There were six of us that went to middle school together and it was an even split of three who grew up in church and three who did not but believed in God. So, being me and random as usual, I asked a question many were not really concerned about around that time: “would you disown your child if he or she came to you and said they were gay or liked the same sex”? Of course the three who grew up in church responses were “yes, that’s not in the Bible”, “that’s not how I’m going to raise my children so that shouldn’t be the case” and my favorite “I would have nothing to do with my child or their partner”. Hmm. Now me having never going to church every Sunday as a child or grew up reading the Bible, I still felt something in me say that was completely wrong! Why would disown a human being that did not ask to be here?! Made entirely no sense. I understand what’s in the Bible and what Christians believe and I know it’s wrong to put myself above God’s word but I can not view my child in a negative way because of their sexual preference.

Not many people were “out” at that time but somehow you just knew who they were before “gay” became the norm at high school’s, work or having their own neighborhoods. I still stand my ground on my child regardless. People don’t realize how that hurts or makes a person feel for just being themselves and 9/10 they can’t help it. It’s just like certain foods you would prefer over others, it’s what makes you happy right? I see this too often with people not being able to be who they are and be comfortable. When I say this, I guess I mean with family first and then some friends. They’re blood but will make you feel more of an outsider than a stranger on the street! This is supposed to be your comfort zone where if you can’t be yourself around anyone else, they are to welcome you with open arms, heart and mind. I can understand many fathers being disappointed not having the “manly” or “typical” son they dream of. Playing sports, the talk about building a family, the first girl they kiss or being there to watch the first born knowing his son was responsible for this beautiful creation. It’s the same for moms watching their daughters grow up dating the same sex. There may not be the mani and pedi day, make-up, meeting the man of her dreams or teaching her how to walk in high heels. But life goes on and he/she should not be treated any different as love is unconditional. What love isn’t, is universal. There wouldn’t be many transgender or gays being killed or harmed in any way because of their sexual preference. Is it that serious? Grant it, I know many who often don’t understand that everybody is not to be pushed up on or even approached by someone who prefers the same sex. Just because you do, does not mean they prefer it. Be careful. That still should not anger someone to the point of doing bodily harm. That is still someone’s child, mother, son, daughter or father you are taking away forever.

I love every gay friend I have, male or female, or relative and judge not. I feel same sex should be legal everywhere and they should have the same privileges as heterosexuals. Especially since this way of living has been around for ages now and proves to be going nowhere anytime soon. If someone wants to get a sex change to look like Beyonce then so be it! All the straight women who get a plethora of  different surgeries done to up their self- esteem or impress a man with money, why can’t they do the same to feel good about themselves and show off? The booty shots and injections, lip injections, hip injections, higher cheek bones and smaller foreheads are getting out of control but it’s looked as eye candy and supposedly makes a woman look better being built a certain way. Really? But a gay man is shunned upon for being gay first and foremost, wearing make-up, heels and getting the same surgeries done? I didn’t know “surgery” was just for certain people? Smh. Whatever. It goes both ways. Women stop doing the same things these gay men and women do to look “good” and feel good, then people will stop talking about lop-sided booties and breasts. It’s the same difference. We are ALL human with our personal insecurities and desire things we have always wanted in life. Male or female.