Thursday, January 8, 2015

Bad management

You call out of work for whatever reason and your manager gives you b.s about them now not having enough coverage, how you’re going to be behind on work and all deadlines for the week will not be met. Never asking: “are you okay? Is your mom out of the hospital? How is little sammie doing with his cold/fever/flu?” Really? At that moment I could give not one but two shits about numbers needing to be made or work that will not be done if all if the above is going on!
We have all ran into that asshole manager or managers/GM’s or supervisors throughout the duration of our careers thus far. Trust there will be more. What is it about “titles” that make an individual act in an “assholish” way to the point where they are disliked, employees call out like it’s no tomorrow, they are on every job website possible in between meetings and barely do any work while there. I understand business is business but people are just people as well. I will have times where I will be late, sick/flu, kid issues or just lacking the energy to go to a job I dislike. Hey, we all go that route at least 5 days out the year whether you like your job or not. I personally feel that if it’s something you love to do for a living, no need to be rude, smile, be a good example, embody the companies expectations and your employees will do the same. Period. You took the position, play your part. If you did not, then maybe turning it down would have been your best bet. You give asshole, you get asshole. If many people were not afraid of losing their jobs due to bills, needing to eat or gas money etc, there would be millions of people out of work or really considering going into business for themselves no matter the cost.
What is it about companies that consistently give the wrong people positions that require more than what they are willing to give? They mostly just want the raise, vacation days, benefits such as health and dental, the authority to do whatever they want and sadly nothing at all. My job alone, managers sit in the office on a daily basis for hours at a time. They come out, throw around a few orders and sometimes even try to have convo with you as you’re doing the task without guidance but want things to be done by a certain time…? How about reaching out to me on a different level. Ask how the position is going, if I would like or consider moving somewhere more comfortable, ask me my strong and weak points and assist me with working on them and see if I’m just doing okay overall considering that will affect my performance.
Many managers believe they are smarter than you because of their role but in ALL actuality, YOU are the dumb one. Especially if you don’t have your own company/business. You have a career you don’t like working with peers that are in the same boat as you and your miserable. You then began to take this out on your employees, even the ones that bust their asses on a regular basis forcing them to look elsewhere taking their skills with them. The same ones they learned from you or the company in general but will now be more advanced and professional especially after working with you. They may even make more money than you without having to have your position or wait as long before getting there. Last but not least, word of mouth. There is always that person with that second job, the student or the parent that has grown children. Their children are probably looking for jobs but you tell them to avoid a specific company or maybe even career if it’s that bad. With all of the social media, there is always those people complaining about work, the environment, that manager that irks the last nerve by noon, how management operates and corporate not caring.
In conclusion, to all of the asshole managers out there that are condescending, ignorant to human issues, only see dollar signs and care about the well being of self and for their bank account I give you TWO MIDDLE FINGERS AND EVERY CURSE WORD IN THE ENGLISH DICTIONARY. You make good employees lives a living miserable hell at work and with the economy the way it is and people having a hard time finding a job period, you know to a certain extent that you can get away with it. This too shall pass and I hope that you have everything you deserve coming your way very soon. Many people can agree and we are just sitting back and waiting.
P.s may you not prosper and all of your employees quit without notice. (LOL)