Sunday, January 25, 2015

Women and hygiene

I can not for the life of me understand why a woman would not want to take good care of herself?!? These are almost always the women walking around claiming they’re “bad” because of the attention the backside and thighs creates. I know people have their different living situations and it’s tough but you make it work. You can’t walk around talking about how “bad” you are with B.O. It’s not cute to dress to impress but smell terrible. Of course we all have our sweaty moments and moments where we don't feel like washing our hair or derriere...but only when staying in the house. Especially during the summer months!
Lets keep it real, a lot of women, even when grown, don’t even know when to change their tampons, pads and pantyliners. To keep it fresh, there’s all sorts of powders, vaginal washes, hot water, soap, cotton underwear in the world to keep it clean and fresh down there. I also see a lot of women who don’t believe in shaving their underarms but will wear a sleeveless top or go out partying? And my daily commute, I see this too often. The one thing that really kills me is when I’m talking to another woman and her hair stanks! Yes stanks. Especially when they walk by you and you get the wind after they walk by... Like it smells like dirty pillow cases and old grease or something. That belief that dirt makes the hair grow thing went out the window a long time ago and we should be washing our hair at least every 2 weeks with a perm and every week when natural to keep it conditioned. Who doesn’t like for their scalp/hair to feel clean and free?
Now the curling iron smell is one all women can relate to but that dirty hair smell is one of a kind and can create a headache. Whether your natural, permed, blonde or brunette, ladies, should keep it washed. A couple of other things that kills me is a past due weave and the rest of the hair being permed but seems they forgot the edges and back of the neck... You know when their hair is pulled up in a really cute bun and the neck is nappy as all hell and doesn’t look like they ever attempted to comb or brush it? Yes, I do not understand that but if it works for you, do you. The past due weave is something I don’t quite all. With a weave you have to plan ahead. If you know in a few weeks that when that weave needs to be replaced and you won’t have the money or at least half, don’t do it or just buy a wig or something until further notice or a $7 perm. It will save you money. I’ve always heard older women say “you can always tell when a woman has no man” or “what your hair smells like is what she smells like down there” and this is indeed true! Any man in his right mind that loves and cares about his woman, will not walk around with her looking pitiful or will tell her she needs a different feminine wash or something.
Now with the face being the first thing seen when looking at you, your lips are being looked at when communicating. Ash, dryness, chap, powdery-look whatever can be taken care of with chapstick, lip gloss or lipstick. Vaseline works well also. Like I stated in the beginning, nobody is perfect and will have their days but these things shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence when being a woman. Sorry to have offended anyone but needed to get that off my chest.

To better hygiene!