Friday, January 30, 2015

You. Me. She. Him.

You. Sucker for love. You appreciate any love coming in your direction and value the person giving. The face behind this is a beautiful individual. Caring, loving, respectful, loyal, hard working and honest. You love life. You’re all about family, friends, good laughs and fun. Who wouldn't? You have great people in your life who have your back and love you dearly. You have this motivation about life and know you’re destined for greatness no matter what or how long it may take. You have this same motivation with your relationships as well. You want someone who has the same drive as you and loves and appreciates you for who you are. Always making Saturday plans being that Sunday is game day no matter the sport. The greeting when seeing or leaving one another, the smile she has that lets you know it’s love, the taking to friends and the impromptu importance she shows you when you’re in need. You wanted someone like this your entire life and she’s finally did you actually find what you were looking for or do you want more?
Me. Logic over love. Warm hearted but zero tolerance for lies and bullshit, hardworking, cool with certain family members of his and watchful eye on certain friends. What? Just looking out for him and feel years have nothing on hate, lies, and being phony. I love him but will put love on hold for the wrong person and make it harder for the next person. Continuous cycle I guess. I can laugh and joke all day but feel those traits are brought out with certain people. Not everyone sees it. Have very few surrounding me and have always been that way. I feel the less drama the better. Hard to figure out at times, complex even but good to those who are good to me. My true friends see me as goofy and open while outsiders simply see me as cold. I make time for my relationship and always makes plans for us to do something fun. Is this controlling behavior or just a good girlfriend being...good?
She. Breath of fresh air. Everything you were looking for and more. Could see you having a life with her and a good one at that. The femininity she has with her emotions are too good to be true and not seen often by most women. She doesn't have many people around her but is loved by many. Kind hearted, open, she doesn't judge you and her feelings toward you are mutual. Good feeling. It’s like your home away from home kind of thing. When there’s no one left to talk to, she’s there. She loves and respects everyone in your life from the ones who take up most of your time to the ones you only see once a year. Thinks with her heart and knows no other did you find her yet or are you still looking?
Him. The mans man. Work, God first then family. Awesome provider but sometimes does not stop to smell the roses. The weekend is his time because he feels he’s done enough Monday through Friday. But is that really enough? Very subtle when it comes to his he upset, stressed, just thinking, being funny, being serious. Difficult to deal with at times but you guys always laugh it off and move on. He makes you feel good even with very little time spent. Foot rubs aren’t a problem, back rubs, bubble baths, and nice dinners. Communication is not key with this guy though. Work seems to always be at the top of the list then family then his man such and such. Can we talk about our life, our future, plan the next vacation maybe? You often have to question many of his motives for life in general and if you are even in the future plans...are your needs really met? Is this where you really belong?

What makes us constantly question ourselves when it comes to love and relationships? No matter how good things are going, there is always going to be that point we began to wonder: Is this person for me? Is He or She a better match for my future plans? Am I not good enough to spend quality time with? Why is work life so much more important than our love life? Instead of seeing what’s real and in plain sight, we ignore the important aspects and give too much attention to our negative thoughts. Instead of praying together, we complain to our single friends giving false accusations because we did not communicate to our partners about how we feel. Sometimes we are even taken to another place and usually with someone else (He or She) and imagine what we could have instead of appreciating or improving what we already have. It takes time but getting into a daily mental routine will eventually improve your thinking in a positive direction. At any moment I could have “Him” if I wanted or he could have “She” but will that really make things better? The grass is not always greener on the other side. Love yours.