Friday, August 8, 2014

Just be

When was the last time you could just be?
Where your day was great, there was a smile on your face and everyone you ran into was friendly. People passing by smiled back at you and actually spoke saying good morning or good evening, whether you spoke first or not. The train ride was smooth and quiet or the bus had not a loud and rowdy individual in sight. Everyone actually wore headphones and were zoned out waking up to start their day. Your favorite coffee or tea spot flowed pretty quickly without delay and had the coffee cake muffin you were craving the night before. While at work, there were no complaints from clients, customers, patients or coworkers and your GM or store manager was either cool or took the day off. Everybody looks forward to these kind of days. The ride home from work was smooth and traffic seemed to flow a lot faster than it has in awhile. You heard your favorite songs on the radio whether it's smooth jazz, gospel, oldies, something new or even rock n roll or your playlists just played all the right things to keep you in an awesome mood. You danced in your car without a care in the world and the guy in the car next to you decided to do the same. Thus giving you the biggest laugh you've had all day! Finally arriving home to a quiet house and ready to play your music and cook the meat (chicken, steak, etc) you had marinating all day to give the flavor you craved since earlier that morning. The coronas have been chilling in the freezer all night and day or choice of wine is ready to be popped open and served. You then realize you've made it to 8pm and there wasn't the daily drama filled phone call from that person that refuses to see the good in anything or from your mother who wants to tell you what your sister has done...again. Catching a breeze on your front porch, back porch, by your pool, at your neighbors, or on your favorite sofa next to the window relaxes you. Making you appreciate the choice of drink even more as your day comes to a close. Your dry cleaning is done, clothing washed for the week, paperwork was finished before 11pm finally, and your clothes are picked out saving you time in the morning to get ready for work... 
This sounds like the perfect day to me but we all know 9 times out of 10, it doesn't happen as often as we like! I'm going to keep dreaming though (LOL).