Sunday, August 31, 2014

Love letter to Love

Thank you. You have allowed people to be happy and actually feel it. Allowed people to have that emotional attachment that will make them do anything for the ones they adore. Gave those who have done wrong a second chance to have you in their lives and to feel you in every bone and not just the heart or smile. You have the ability for distance to never be an issue because you’re in heart and mind. Bringing children into the world and to actually have those that feel you inside and out before giving themselves away inside and out. True adoration are the grandparents who never seem to age and even after they raise their children, raise their grandchildren giving nothing but wisdom and all of you. Bringing families together for Sunday dinner or just a Tuesday night movie discussing life and goals. Giving hope to the men and women who feel you have failed them early on in life and allowing them to open their minds and hearts again to you.
You are powerful and almost like a drug, addictive even. Once people get a taste of you, they look for you again and again until being fully satisfied. You’re the reason people date and they have all kinds of apps/websites such as Tinder and eharmony for those looking for you. To feel the warmth you bring, a glow that never fades and knowing you have someone with you every step of the way. Bragging on social media of new babies, new partners, new homes or cars is the norm when wanting to show off the things they have the most adoration for. Pictures say a thousand words. Creating a strong bond between friends that lasts a lifetime through ups and downs, kids, marriages and relationships. People have the tendency to trust when you are around. They gain faith, hope often, wish more, trust God and learn to rely on self when not able to rely on others. The biggest problems many people have going through life.
I have personally learned to adore me more over the years whether good or bad. My mood swings (hey not my fault), loving nature, willingness to help those who need it, accepting people for who they are, my silliness around those that know me best, my randomness, conversation about anything, willingness to learn, love those who love me, straight forward, quiet, and often in my own world. That's just me. People will try to bring you down about the person you are because you’re not the person they want you to be or expect you to be. That's fine but I’m good on that. I have learned to adore those around me more. Friends, Family and my love and dismiss those who are not for me. You have confirmed to me awhile back that it was okay to adore ME enough to let them go and move on with life. That I will find happiness elsewhere and have.

So to love, I appreciate you and I’m sure other do as well. Keep being you and giving people a reason be themselves, to smile and to use you unconditionally.