Wednesday, August 6, 2014


He has it all. The degree, career, dream home, dream living location, trips, friends that love him, family that adores him and a woman who's always by his side and would do anything for him. His negative, he has a problem with time for things outside of his career and more so with his woman. He is steady living for the future and not worried about or living for today. It’s cool he wants his future secure but it’s unnecessary to build on new relationships when they require time and attention you don’t have. Shes patient though. Keeping herself busy with her own career and working on smaller projects that takes her interests. He notices but instead of trying to make time for her in between what they are working on separately, he’s with friends. They both have a day off and he’s with long distant relatives or something chilling, eating, drinking and having a good time. Cool. She makes a few calls and have a day of her own and enjoys her day. No matter what she does though, she makes sure to call him or text to see how his day is going. He never does the same but she does not worry about that and knows when he has the time, she will see him. She tells him over and over they need to spend more time together and feels left out from his life. He still neglects how she feels and tells her he still wants to be with her and shes all he’s thinking about. She can’t see it. Time goes on and the same behavior continues and on her part she’s had enough. A movie night will turn into an half hour work call, a friend having girl issues that turns into a n hour conversation, date night will turn into one of the homies coming out to chill (and for the life of her, she can’t understand why anybody would want to be third wheel), and phone conversations they have get shorter and shorter. She begins to question why she is there and wasting her time? She realizes it’s time to move on, so without saying anything she does just that. He calls no answer, texts and no response and she is no longer asking to see him or spend something he clearly does not have. She still keeps space open for him in her day just in case space was all he needed and he notices to make more time for her, for them. When he finally realizes what’s going on, it’s too late. Shes moved on and is hurt behind it but know it’s for the best. He goes back and forth trying to figure out what went wrong and why she just disappeared without saying anything or voicing her opinions when she has time and time again. He just was not paying attention. But that was the norm. He learned he didn’t take his relationship or the time she presented to him seriously. He learns to hang up the phone, stop texting, emailing and hang up anything they had because it was over and he needed to move on.
Appreciate time and when someone wants to share this with you. You may never be able to get this back.