Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Ring vs The Relationship

Ladies and gentlemen, would you rather focus on getting a ring from or for your partner OR focus on the connection between the two of you first and foremost?
Men and women have many different views on marriage and the “ring epidemic” is what I call it. Women have said they don’t care how much money he makes or what he does for a living, I want my ring. Is that all you’re concerned about? How about how you two feel for one another, matching goals, loves you unconditionally, makes you feel secure, happy and still keeps interest in you after many years of dating.  
So many women I have spoken to over the past year rush marriage and have specific times and ages when they want to elope. That’s fine but things never happen as planned. It’s kind of funny hearing the women that have children by their partner and are “shacking up” is what the old people call it. I feel like the conversation was never brought up from the beginning and they feel since there is a child involved, marriage should come soon after. I think women are so caught up in the “ring” more so because of what it symbolizes. To them it shows you’re no longer single, have a husband and not just a baby mother and shows stability to an extent. I guess they are more so scared of being stereotyped and put into a certain category that most women don’t want to be in and shun the woman who is. Something to gossip about honestly. Or is it their way of holding on to him? Feeling that marriage is the final step and he would have no choice but to stay around. There are a million ways to view the reasons on why an engagement ring is so important to a woman instead of why it should be important and why they rush this union.
Men want to be married by a certain age but will not rush it and have “other options” for a ring. A guy friend has stated that instead of buying an expensive ring, how about using the money to start a business of some sort. Made sense and I never actually thought about that. Receiving a cheaper ring and gaining a business of your own...not a bad idea. A few feel after knowing a woman for at least 5 years was the ideal time to get married. They feel you actually KNOW this person and can deal with the ups and downs of their attitude, are loyal, trustworthy and will be there for you no matter the circumstance. Men are pretty simple individuals but we woman look too much into things. When and if he feels you are the person for him, trust he will stick around and when the time comes he will propose marriage. Until then...chill out and enjoy the ride.