Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happens too often

So you have moved on. There were angry words exchanged before you guys parted ways. Things between the two of you have not been good for awhile and you knew at some point this was going to happen. Of course it was the “typical guy” syndrome is what I call it. Disrespect, other woman/women, spending no time, feeling as if you are third or fourth to any and everything else in his know the usual behavior a woman gets fed up over. You got it all off your chest whether it was disrespectful, mean, nasty, and veins popping out your neck, you were officially done. You find yourself thinking back to the past when things were good and you felt secure in the relationship, happy, and this was the only person you thought about throughout the day. He clearly felt the same way. So what along the lines changed that? Was it your attitude, your cooking, weight gain, communication was lost, single friends in his ear...what? You can't help but think what you could have done differently or if you will ever resolve and get back to when things were good. Women who care become very nostalgic right afterwards and dwell on the past to try and figure out where things went wrong. You began a long time ago to see his lost interest and unhappiness when around you. It hurted. He called less and less during the day and week while at work. You wondered. He became distant with feelings and things going on in his life outside of you. It became clear. Time goes on and months go by and you see this person again, in person. You act as if you don't see him because hes with his friends or family and become crushed when you see hes happy. He has that old smile back, laughing, joking and acting as if he doesn't see or care that you're there. Not that he's supposed to but he was the one who messed up so at least he can speak right? You find out from a friend or social media that he has someone new. Pictures all over his page, vacas they have taken, shes in with the fam and his close friends, they share a place and it seems he's at home more than ever. It was never like that between the two of you. So you began to think one of two things: that this is just the beginning phase of him because the two of you had all of the above or he really moved on and just happier than he was while with you. A hard pill to swallow because you felt you gave your best and he still hurt you but the new chick is all smiles from the first pic to the last. Maybe you two were not compatible, maybe he seen he wanted out but didn't say anything and just strung you along, maybe he didn't like you or maybe she was there all along.
It may not happen exactly like this but you get the idea.