Saturday, July 26, 2014

Facing Reality...

It’s kind of depressing but I know I’m not the only person in a relationship that has had this thought. What would happen if you lost this person? Besides thinking about money, having to move, and keeping his/her things that you want to keep...what about the emotional pain, loneliness, emptiness, and knowing you can’t ever see this person or speak to this person again feeling. I know a lot of people would say that losing a relative is the “same thing” and you get the “same feeling” but in actuality, it’s not. This is the person you spend your most intimate moments with. Kissing, cuddling, sharing secrets and things you have never told anyone else, laying down at night and waking up to this person every morning. It’s the little things you cherish and will miss more than losing a relative. You may speak to a relative a couple of times out of the week and depending on how close you guys are will mainly meet for the holidays and birthdays. Your companion, partner, significant other, lover, Mr. or Miss is the person you call with good news, bad news, when you’re frustrated, happy, trying to figure out dinner or the next vaca before anyone else. It will definitely be hard. I now see how these women feel when losing a mate. Of course when your going through a point in life, when you are young, free spirited, not taking men or women seriously, you tend to not care about losing a mate and the love of your life. So when you hear about it, it rolls off of your back like water on a turtle shell….just doesn’t sink in that one day that hurt man or woman, could be you. In my mind, I see me being an old woman, kids are grown, maybe some grandchildren, cashed in my 401k years before and me and my old husband are chilling and enjoying life. That would be the life. I guess that’s why i’m writing this because I know there is a possibility that it won’t happen that way. From here on out, I can just be positive, have an open mind, kiss more, hug more, love harder and just pray things work in mine and my partners favor.

Dannie Jordan.