Saturday, July 26, 2014

Music and my daily dosage..

Music is life. I hear music first thing in the morning, when I’m having a bad day to lighten my mood and when working with that one co-worker that I would snatch by the neck (lol jk). It allows you to express how you feel at that moment and the greatest invention were headphones so no one knows how you feel. If only they knew. Music makes you move even if you can’t dance (babe) and makes you blurt out in song when you can’t sing (myself). It’s your theme music and everyone knows what I mean when I say this. You get dressed up, throw on some heels, your new KD’s, loafer or Jordan’s, new jewelry, new fragrance, new hair, new cut, or those new clothes you purchased earlier in the week for a party. Men may hear Show Out by Juicy J, Jeezy & Big Sean or women may hear something from the infamous Beyonce such as Diva or Freakum Dress, if you're a Beyonce fan that is. New hip hop and R&B is cool but oldies are goodies to me. Michael Jackson (Lady in my life), Isley Brothers (Atlantis), Anita Baker (Sweet Love), Luther Vandross (Make me a believer), Sade (Kiss of Life & Cherish the Day), The Whispers (Just gets better with time), Teena Marie (Portuguese Love), Stevie Wonder (As), Prince (I would die for you), and Atlantic Starr (Send for me). Love songs, yes, but this is when love was actually sung and meant. Not the typical songs about sex that these teenagers and young adults fall all out for. Don’t get me wrong, the sex songs are heard as well. Trey Songz (Scratchin me up), Amerie (Red eye), Infamous R.Kelly (strip for you, Legs shakin’, and Like a real freak), 112 (Now that we’re done), Tamar Braxton (Sound of Love), Robin Thicke (Sex Therapy), and Sisqo, yes I said Sisqo (So sexual and How can I love you tonight). Theres also the music that people who catch public transportation hear. You know the angry music that makes you wish you had a car at that exact moment a baby starts screaming but in due time….Kelis (I hate you so much right now), the song I hear when this baby starts crying and I see a nice car go by is Raheem DeVaughn (Desire), and when these kids are coming from school in the fall is Nirvana (Smells like teen Spirit) and M.I.A (Paper planes)...hence the gunshots in the background, that’s what I feel like doing is shooting somebody. Whew! On a calmer note, date night with the boo. Either yall are getting dressed to go out or cooking and staying in. We love listening to Oldies and Jazz while we cook by the way. I hear Jaheim (Anything), Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige (I’ll be there for you), India Arie (This love), Ne-yo (Genuine Only), The Foreign Exchange (On a day like today), thanks to my cousin Julie for this artist, Lana del Rey (Blue Jeans) and Musiq (Special). Knowing me and being a typical Pisces, I have an ear for music and have “my own” music I listen to. N.E.R.D (Love Bomb and Laugh about it), Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (In a sentimental mood), Daley (Time Travel and Be), Naughty Boy feat Emeli Sande’ (Lifted), Imagine Dragons (Radioactive)-from 2k, Gorillaz (Doncamatic, Dare and Amarillo), Daniel Merriweather (Chainsaw) and thanks to Chelsey M.I.A (Boyz) from our A.I days.. Not saying no one listens to theses artists but I love them and their music. Last but not least Rap or Hip Hop, whichever you prefer. Mobb Deep (Shook ones), DMX (No love for Me), Jay Z (Dead Presidents II), Kendrick Lamar (The Recipe), Blackalicious (Make you feel that way), A Tribe called Quest (Award Tour & Electric Relaxation), Wale feat Ne-yo and Rick Ross (Tired of Dreaming), and 2Pac (Ambitionz Az a Ridah). Not saying you have to agree or even like the music I listen to but it’s me. What’s your daily “theme” music?