Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black woman.

Judged often. They see our stern faces, our attitudes, no nonsense, how outspoken we are, sexual being lacking intelligence, lacking education, loud, and can not conduct themselves in professional settings.  
Wow. So is this why Miss blonde hair/ blue eyes will get the job? Get promoted before us? I was recently looking on the internet and somehow came across this information. I was immediately disgusted. For black women to just be called out about our behavior/personalities when there are plenty of other races out there with worse behavior is sickening. It’s the same things and has been for a long time. It was also stated that 93% of caucasian men and most other american/asian, italian etc,  will not date black women. Most have not ever had the experience of being around black women but because it’s put out there so often by others, they believe what they hear. But that’s fine, I think I would prefer a Russian or Arabic billionaire to a white male anyway but thats just me I guess. To each it’s own, yes, but we also have our own black men that will put us down as a WHOLE before any other race. And theres a lot of them who myself or many other black women will not miss so if anything we thank you “Miss” for taking them. These are the same black men who will judge you in your neighborhood when you are seen with someone of another race/culture...really? Double standard.
I love my race because if I don’t, I’m one of the many who look down on us like the “scum of the earth”or something. I love our versatility, our variations of skin tones, our full lips, how we speak our minds, how loving and caring we are, how we hold a household down as a married woman or a single mother, our curves, our hips, our faith, strong beliefs, motherly nature, strong willed, and we are hard working and get an education just like everyone else all at the same time. I feel we are often overlooked in some way. As if people don’t see these things or care to see them and the thing that kills me the most is being judged as a whole. That’s like me going on social media and making rude comments everyday about a certain race and putting everyone of that race in the same basket. Not cool and disrespectful. Just from work alone, yes I’m going there, there were a couple of different people who made comments about black women. Saying we speak “hoodrat” and that we don’t know how to thoroughly cleanse ourselves “down there”....let that marinate for a second. Instead of saying the people they have ran into or just not saying it at all, they put them as a whole. Even if I go back and forth and say “well thats not me”, it’s still ignorance at it’s finest and didn’t even give the time of day to comment. Sounds like internal, deep rooted issues if you ask me. Moving on, I was told if you don’t have anything nice to say, keep quiet. Anyway, my dream location for me to live and raise a family would be in the suburbs somewhere, not necessarily Pa but you get the idea. I’m afraid that I may run into these issues with my own children while their growing up. The majority of people that live in the suburbs are caucasian. Being at friends homes in high school that lived in the suburbs or visiting family, there were the side eyes like we weren’t wanted. I may not look like a nice person but I will smile and speak and found the blacks to be friendlier. Call it what you want but to a certain extent, racism does still exist. I wouldn’t want my daughter to have to deal with the comments listed above or looked at as those comments listed above. Hopefully people learn to open their minds and stop being ignorant to the fact that we are all not alike and instead look at the person on the inside as an individual. Prayfully it gets better.