Monday, July 28, 2014

Just a thought

Why don’t men and women try to be careful about the people they date and bring around their children? Anything that goes on in your relationship whether its verbal abuse, physical abuse, or drug use, they mock this kind of behavior in the long run with their own relationships. Many feel its okay or consistently blame their parents for their behaviors. Which is true but EVERYONE knows right from wrong especially when children are involved. The one thing I can’t understand for the life of me is women leaving their young children, especially their daughters, around men that are not the fathers, have known for 5 minutes and already in their homes all the time like they pay bills or something. I’ve been there dealing with someone that brought nothing to the table and I was gone once we had the first convo about life and goals. I think men & women give the wrong people the benefit of doubt and see they have potential for better in life. Sometimes it takes 5 minutes or sometimes 5 years. Whatever you have the patience for I guess. The generations under me have it bad and they just don’t know it. The parenting is out of control, the parents get younger and younger and don’t know the first thing about caring for self let alone a baby. At least the majority of the people my age, I personally know, that have children put them first and work 2-3 jobs if they have to, making ends meet. Maybe it was the way we grew up I guess. I feel some women are so desperate for a man that they are willing to put what they really want or need to the side to deal with something that’s way below their standards. When I say “something” I mean drama among family, with other women and disrespect. Then get angry, hurt and upset when things don’t work out and/or he’s having relations with another woman that lives 2 blocks from your home. It’s pointless if your not happy. Men and women need to learn what they deserve as a Man/Woman above all. These women get pregnant by men who want nothing else from them but sexual relations and give him somewhere to lay his head when other options fail. Having a baby will NOT make him stay and build anything with you, not even mature conversation. I feel most women are too intelligent to deal with this behavior but for some reason never think they deserve better. Most of the time it’s a cycle of dealing with the same kind of man/woman. This is when you look within to figure out what’s going on before moving on. Pray, take time to self, reflect on where you went wrong, take more time and start over.